By Chad - 27/04/2011 01:20 - United States

Today, my wife bought $80 worth of Glee songs on iTunes. FML
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ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

at least it's not Justin bieber :O

I believe a few Justin Bieber songs were featured on Glee. Your argument is void.

they have a radio station on iTunes dedicated to all the glee songs... she didn't really need to do that.

Glee and Beiber combined? Dear God. This Earth truly is not worth living on.

Dudelike89 8

77 - cops don't appear at your door for pirating music. It's far too common for anyone to even care.

my girlfriend made me watch glee and i swear i felt what used to be testicles get sucked up into itself within the first 5 minutes. I feel so abused.

glee is super gay..but some of the songs make up for it :P

80 - quit lying ya know you loved it and you don't have a girlfriend either.. Ahahahaha jk

You might as well by $80 in pron, cause you ain't getting any!

MisherzzSquisher 0

I saw glee, I really couldn't get into that show. it's cheesy and in my opinion boring. But FYL OP I'm guessing that was your money?

Decodedman 1

#68, Not ******* likely, since the feds shut them down. Limewire... (takes off sunglasses) has gone sour. YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! WIN!!!!!!

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266 - limewire got shutdown. limewire pirate is the illegal version of limewire...

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That is $80 dollars wasted, just wait till you hear it :(

the fact that this many people have thumbed down your comment restores for me some faith in humanity.

dragon0000 7

People people. What exactly is wrong with Glee? You can't just go around saying something is crap without giving reasons.

And to clarify, I'm neutral on Glee. I watch it if I feel like it, which is usually the first or last 15 minutes of a show every 2 weeks. I buy only the songs I find most catchy. But I think it's a useful show because they publish all their musical arrangements, so that gives vocal groups more songs to pick from.

I like how instead of people giving legitimate reasons they just down vote my comment. There are legit reasons not to like it: you think it's cheesy, you think their music doesn't represent the original artists intentions, you think the producer is an asshole for badmouthing the bands that didn't want their music on the show. All good reasons.

ReynshineCutting 10

I think the whole entire show is nothing but one annoying headache and that they make bad music sound worse and any good music sound bad. There's a reason for ya.

Thank you for giving a legitimate reason. I respect your opinion. :)

outsidebox 0

not awesome enough to buy $80 dollars worth of music from them in one day.

dudeitsdanny 9

I think that with the exception of Sue Sylvester's lines, the writing is usually mediocre. It does have its moments, but moments don't make for brilliance. The first season was actually pretty good, but now nearly episode reminds me of high school musical, last night's more than any others, with the Barbra Streisand mall scene, and the one when Kurt returns(which I think was a pathetic cop out from the writers) Most of the characters are, when lucky, two dimensional, though Santana and Sue are awesome, regardless. To be frank, only Quinn and Rachel have had interesting storylines, both of whom's saved last night's terrible episode in my opinion. I'm addicted to Glee, though. I record it weekly, I download the music(but i don't even have $10 worth of it), and I look forward to new episodes.. But it IS a bad show.. Terrible, even. The writers need to get new jobs, and let someone better take a crack at it. It sucks.. Even if I love it.

sealed_with_a_sm 2

its a musical... dont they already have broadway for that... why must the invade tv!!! ewwww glee! 83 (*sighs* my hero!)

umm glee is amazing:) but not $80 amazing...

You kidding? Glee pwns. Endnof discussion.

Madmattmania 0

you're just jealous cause glee is cooler than you 83

she totally knows how to spend her money. I wish I had 80$ to spend on glee songs

I love you, 285. come give momma bunny s hug.

what any way f your life for not loving glee

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*super raptor Jesus facepalm*

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Wow. One second theres no replys to this comment and now theres 6? Anyways, FYL for marrying a GLEEK. jk. *cough*

and you bought 80 dollars worth of muscle shirts, right? (wife beaters)

ceinaworus 0

both of you just actually failed : O

igorwn 3

what u tring to say,..he shouldnt buy clothes! woohoo lets all walk naked ..jeez

cein, maybe u should buy some shirts, eh?

ohcrap007 1

that's worth more then shitty music... yet another person that I hate!!!! this fml is full of people that have no lives!!!!!

Madmattmania 0

haha funny you deserve a medal but guess what no one gives a shit

ceinaworus 0

thanks bravo, some people (like the guy on the right in my profile pic and mr.negative comment) are jus jealous of my skills. thanks for supporting the way of the ancient warrior by allowing me to reveal my sex supreme.

and you look like a complete tool bag. Too bad you look fugly.

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I love Glee, but not that much. Lol. I assume its an FML for you because you're the one paying for this? If so..tell her to pay up instead.

well married generally comes along with a joint bank account.. sooo

CateXOX 0

And buying all that music probably means he's going to have to listen to it for the next few weeks.

Why would he have to listen to it? Doesn't her iPod have headphones?

xlibrax 0

Yes, you're so right. But if they both have money in this it shouldn't be much of an FML for OP. Sounds as if something else is going on and he is indeed footing the bill. And even if there is a joint account, doesn't mean that she has money going in, could just be that she has access to the account.

ohcrap007 1

I'm not against watching glee. but u have some common sense!

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ahaha I read this as "if so... sell her, to pay.."

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haha I loled when I read that! yah, my mom puts the glee songs in in the car when my friends come over. she knows all the words. and she lives to sing.

wintamint101 7

why does everybody hate glee...

rosha267 21

Most people who hate it never even gave it a chance. Also it's sooooo super cool to talk about how crappy it is! :/

I agree with 167. Most of the people I've talked to who "hate" Glee have never actually seen it.

FatElie 0

I actually watched one episode so I wouldn't be ignorant in my hatred. I almost died.

koolkat27 13

#167 i used to like it but then it just got crappy. not to mention everytime i see lea michelle,or hear her voice i just want to vomit.

FYL man. Glee, along with Lady Gaga and Fidel Castro are the three most vile things on this planet. Oh, Racists too. They're tied in 3rd with old Fidel.

glee and lady gaga COMBINE to make one horrible episode in one

I refuse to acknowledge their existence.

Except Lady Gaga has talent. Have you heard her play the piano? She's frickin amazing.

true, she is very talented. he didn't say anything about talent, though. he said vile. you can be vile and talented. which is the perfect example of lady gaga.

Fx13mz 7

I'm sorry but I've seen over a thousand Asian kids play the piano better. Where's their album?

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Your forgetting justin booby

glee is awesome!!!!!! so what she bought some songs?