By Australian Lifeguard - United States - Scottsdale
Today, I was giving lifeguard instructions to a couple of teens. When I quizzed them about what they should do when someone is choking, one of them said, "Take a step back" and winked at me. FML
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  sirliam99  |  12

That's a commonmisconpection #27, CPR is actually used to pump blood to the heart and brain and is mostly used for cardiac arrest, RARELY will it restart the heart.

  junkman6  |  22

#32 you basically just said that yes CPR is for a stopped heart. Because it manually pumps the blood when your heart can't. So umm here's your sign?

Quiz question! Why do you force air into their lungs during CPR?

  fabs1171  |  23

#51 its OK to do compressions only CPR now unless you're in a hospital type environment. Its better to do adequate compressions without stopping for breaths as the circulating blood already has oxygen in it. Also, as you do the compressions they think that some air will get into the lungs with the pressure differences in the lungs and environment. Lastly, the rescue breaths use our expired air - very minimal oxygen in it.
Remember, if the collapsed person doesn't respond, commence compressions, DRS ABCD, apply the AED around the person doing compressions.

There's only about 3 minutes after a person has collapsed before their brain is effected.

  junkman6  |  22

Actually no #52 it is not minimal oxygen at all. Go ahead and look it up. You can recycle a single lungful of air 3-4 times before it is considered "bad air." There have been many many studies on this.

The reason hospitals use a hand pump over breathing into the lungs is half hygiene and half precise volume of air. I've been around the medical profession for a long time and I've always seen the back and forth that is CPR certification. Some years it's no breath other years it's more breath than compressions.

You want proof of this go ahead and talk to a nurse who is just about to get her CPR cert requaled and a nurse who just finished requaling, it's kinda funny to see how different the procedure is just a couple years apart. Also ask an older nurse how many times the "proper procedure" has changed. It's always chasing it's own tail.

  fabs1171  |  23

#53 - I have 20 years experience in the medical profession - 13 in emergency rooms, I am basic life support accredited as well as advanced life support accredited.

Yes you are correct that hospitals use equipment for oxygen administration but for a layperson, if they don't want to perform rescue breaths on a random person on the street due to risk of infection, if they provide adequate compressions then the 'victim' has a better chance of survival than if they did nothing.

All of the major heart councils (including the American Heart Association, the Australian Resuscitation Council and the British Heart Foundation) are moving away from bystander rescue breaths and encouraging compression only CPR to improve chances of success following cardiac arrest.

The point I'm trying to make is, hands only CPR is something everyone should learn so they can confidently commence CPR on a collapsed victim - the sooner the better - and pausing to provide rescue breaths actually detracts from effective compressions that circulate the already oxygenated blood. (Its been oxygenated due to breathing pre-arrest)

  fabs1171  |  23

#33 I must clear up some misconceptions. An AED can't restart a stopped heart. The heart pumps because of an electrical impulse that starts at the top of the heart and works its way down. When the impulse starts where its meant to start and travels in the way its meant to travel we get a nice, normal heart beat. If the impulse isn't doing what its meant to do we get an abnormal heart beat. It can be too fast or too slow, it can start lower than where its meant to be etc. There are only 2 abnormal rhythms that can be shocked (defibrillated) - VT and VF. These rhythms mean that there's not adequate pumping from the heart. (Other rhythms also mean there's not an adequate circulation too but VT and VF can be shocked) The defibrillator stops all the impulses to hopefully allow the impulse from the top of the heart to take over again. An AED won't shock a flat line. TV shows have a lot to answer for when they show that.

What is important - commence chest compressions as soon as possible - don't wait for an AED to arrive before commencing compressions - once it has arrived - follow the AED instructions regarding what to do next. Hopefully no one following this will need to perform CPR but its better to do something than nothing :-)

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  rx46590  |  3

excuse me sir, but I for one am a teenager and I have no intent in performing this sort of vulgar behavior and would greatly appreciate it if you would stop stereotyping us teens