Can't you see?

By imaqtb - 09/09/2010 03:35 - Canada

Today, I was working at a restaurant. This guy comes up to the counter and asks if he could have some toothpicks. I told him they were right in front of him. He said, "Sorry, I'm blind." Thinking it was a joke, I laughed until he said, "No, seriously." FML
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schwancy 2

And then you apologized and everything was fine.

Should have told him you were blind, too.


I'm guessing he wasn't making eye contact with you or probably didn't know where you were. how could you not tell he was blind????

Why the hell would you think that was a joke?

Sometimes people say things like that when they do something stupid. Like, oh I'm retarded but they don't really mean it.

FFML_314 11

Uncalled for? Why aard, you don't believe every person that assumes should go to hell? WELL, I feel as though I don't know you at all!

schwancy 2

And then you apologized and everything was fine.

Never assume things without probable cause. I hope you apologized to that poor blind person.

Should have told him you were blind, too.

He might not of believed her if she laughed first. Maybe if she was serious about it the whole time. Also I find this a little suspicious, without any help how could a blind man walk up to her and then know he was in the right place for toothpicks?

Just because someone is blind doesn't necessarily make them unaware of their surroundings. They can hear a cash register and/or receipts printing, and in the off chance they can't, they'll recognize the entrance of the restaurant probably due to a draft. Since most registers are near the entrance, they'll know they're in the right place when they sense another person. Blind people can get around just like anyone else, they just use their other senses to replace sight.

Most people aren't fully blind as well. Only a small percentage of the blind population can't see anything at all.

I was going to say this as well, but I didn't think of it until after.

PurplePigeon 0

that's a movie and they had Denzel doing things that people, who can see, couldn't even do.

PurplePigeon 0 above comment was supposed to be for 39. the one who mentioned "book of eli".

Someone already said this, but he most likey could see some. Most people who are legally blind can see it's just extremely blurry.

33 Just because he's blind doesn't mean he's stupid. You can still hear.

79, Did I say he was stupid? And yeah now that I think about it I guess it could've been pretty easy to find them. It's just when I hear blind I think completely blind. My mistake, didn't think too much about it. it wa late.

Or recognize when someone is being serious or not. But then again, I suppose OP is not a "normal person".