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Regardless of it being Friday or not...shouldn't she have better things to do period?
If she is old enough to be saying "shit" and be concerned about Friday night plans, then she's a bit old to be playing Club Penguin.

  damian777  |  0

he did have membership bcuz if he didnt then the other kids igloo would be better if they had membership.....if they didnt have membership then they wouldnt be fighting bcuz the igloos would look the same

  shaneac  |  0

You need a membership to decorate your igloo. Since they're fighting about which igloo is cooler, both of them are members. By the way, both igloos are just as cool, they're both made of ice.


Hey I used to love decorating my igloo....when I was 11 but still. Anyway, haven't you guys seen the commercials? There's a Marvel party going on. Almost worth buying a membership for


HELL YES that's a good point.

Shit, shit, shit, see, OP, you can say shit all you want here. In fact, everyone likes to talk shit. It's cool if you can think of clever shit to say. Please come back when you're old enough to say "shit".