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Today, I tried to get the day off because of snow and ice on the roads, which had already caused 2 accidents close to my house. My boss just called me a useless millennial, fired me, and hung up the phone. FML
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Plot twist: OP is (was) a snow plough driver.

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Find a job that understands. I’d call this a blessing, not a curse.


Some people just dont know how to drive in wintery conditions.

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Find a job that understands. I’d call this a blessing, not a curse.

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I guess you're one of those "glass is half full" kind of guys. Get out.

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but the bills need to be paid mate

Plot twist: OP is (was) a snow plough driver.

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Sounds like your former boss needs to thaw out that icy attitude of his. Snow one should blame you for calling in on a day like that.

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CrazyTrainWreck 19

Dude chill out, you have no idea exactly how much snow is in the OPs area. The fact that there were a couple of accidents in the area support the fact that driving in those conditions is not the best idea. I've seen idiots do 80 mph on black ice in Texas, but that doesn't mean I should do it too. No job is worth it if they require you to drive in on bad weather condition days.

How do you know for sure if it was "a little snow"? And maybe his car isn't the best for driving through snow, has that thought ever crossed your mind?

Common if I can drive my motorcycle through the snow than people should definitely be able to drive a car through the snow. Just be careful and don't slam your breaks.

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Few thoughts probably cross their mind

Dude, if you don't have to drive in snow, then why would you? Even if you are careful, someone else may not be. There are people who don't think and accident's happen.

Some people live in areas that are very hilly, or in a worse case senario have a driveway that's a hill. I seen so many accidents with cars crashing into other cars, in ditches, head-on into a tree, etc., all because of black ice on hills.

Were I live it’s the ice that’s causes most recks. You can’t see it, you only know it’s there and hope your car doesn’t slide out of control. We get like two inches of snow but it melts to create a half inch of pure black ice. I’ve also worked a fast food job that remained open during a storm because “(stupid)people might show up and want food at 10pm.” After nearly having an accident getting home after being released after 6 inches of snow and ice had fallen, I quit.

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you must be from the states because on canada 6 inchs of snow and ice is nothing

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Age discrimination is my favorite, call him a disgruntled baby boomer.

Who uses a telephone anymore? Stupid dinosaur on his way to extinction! He should’ve fire you over SnapChap! Eggplant-happy face!

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WTH makes you think that you can get the day off due to winter? Lmao.

Well he said he tried, so if he agreed he would have aday off, and if not, he would have just went to work. Why drive in snow if you don't have to?

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Take for example a blizzard in the middle of the night going on for hours. Snow ploughs working to clear the roads but it's not enough because within an hour it's back. 2ft of snow and and ice layer underneath. What makes anyone think they can take a day off in winter? Safety for themselves. You are allowed to refuse work if you feel it jeopardizes your safety.

There are reasons weather can prevent you from making it in to work. Blizzard. Earthquake. Tornado. Hurricane. Unless you wanna drive in all those conditions. You do you. The rest of us sane people will stay safe at home.

Where do you live? As someone who has lived their entire life just south of the Great Lakes it's pretty common for us to get 1 to 3 feet of lake effect snow overnight. Now if you live somewhere in the south where they just dont have the equipment or experience to deal with snow I would understand.