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  nikki_1717_  |  8

He is a dumbass, you deserve better, my bf has the same problem, it used to happen very often in public places and school, i get so worried and always cry and try to help him

  Abbeygale  |  8

That's literally the stupidest excuse for a breakup I have ever heard, you deserve way better than an arsehole who makes having epilepsy seem like a choice - as if you could have stopped having a fit... It's better it ended when it did so the right person can come along and replace him!

  lolzeroodlez  |  0

what country are you from??!!!!! I live in Edmonton, which is most definately a city in canada, and my brother works at Olive Garden!!! And even he says their food sucks!!!!come to think of it, he might have gotten fired for saying that, but that's not the point!!



By  ashiezorz  |  2

Fuuuuuck. If he helped you he'd look like a hero and then I bet he wouldn't leave you.
He should've tried to help you out afterward or something, not shun you for something you can't help.

By  Truthbringer  |  0

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  Kimitte  |  1

A joke, huh? Seizures are something people can't control and I believe it's very well embarrassing for them as well. Not only does this "joke" hurt people's feelings, but its very offensive..even to me.

By  Luckster  |  0

Be happy he left you now then if he's that much of a prick. It would have been so much worse on you if you two got any more serious and something like this happens.

  carage  |  3

I doubt anyone would want to intentionally have a seizure in public.
If you haven't seen one, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
Mine happened in a coffee shop full of customers while I was having an interview with a potential employer.

By  frostie  |  0

Allie your boyfriend:
1) broke up with you via text message
2) found it embarrassing that you were suffering from a serve condition

Your going out with a complete asshole that doesn't care one bit about you. You should be glad that he broke up with you because guys like that are crappy boy friends.