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  spekledworf  |  18

I hate teachers that judge. My teacher accused me of cheating because I used the word "coincidentally" in a paper. That's too big of a word for my vocabulary.

  rg350dx  |  29

Should've replied, "You're a bitch. Is that word short enough to be in my vocabulary? If not I have another shorter one that comes to mind."

  smartypants9  |  15

All of you people saying the different systems for grading are idiots. It changes for school, for state, for country. I mean, for my school an A is 93-97%, but for another maybe it's 90-96%. It's DIFFERENT.

  Smashhoof  |  15

24- You are correct: sopa is soup. The reason this has to do with the FML is that OP used alphabet soup to spell out Spanish words, which is how OP studied and did well on the test.