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Today, I took my Spanish test, and I felt very confident. I got the test back later, and saw my teacher had written on it: "Congrats on the 94%, but I know you cheated." FML
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Typical idiot. "I think you cheated because I think you're stupid."

Teachers can be so cynical


Teachers can be so cynical

I'm a teacher, but not too cynical. The kids I teach are too young to cheat with subtlety. They stare.

I can only think you must teach them a lot of interesting new words

Tourettes guy catches someone cheating: "YOU F*CKIN ASS!!"

It's stuff like that, that makes people lose respect for the teaching profession, which under normal circumstances is about as respectable as you can get

Typical idiot. "I think you cheated because I think you're stupid."

I hate teachers that judge. My teacher accused me of cheating because I used the word "coincidentally" in a paper. That's too big of a word for my vocabulary.

Should've replied, "You're a bitch. Is that word short enough to be in my vocabulary? If not I have another shorter one that comes to mind."

Nah I came right back at her and said "I was gunna use the term coinci-dink but I didn't think that was an appropriate word either"

That is a teacher you would like to say "fuck you" to. What a dumb bitch. Can't except the fact that someone is learning.

So she knows she does not have the ability to help anyone learn. No wonder she knew up cheated OP.

Sometimes, teachers can be asses.

If you did or didn't cheat, you still got an A...still a win, OP.

Im pretty sure if OP did cheat and the teacher knew it, he wouldn't have the A, any competent teacher would know that.

My teacher didn't fail us for cheating, she just said it would never prepare us fir life.

In my school that's not an A

@82 ....94% is not an A. What school did you go to?

81 to 90% is A & 90+ is an A+ in every school i believe except your's #90

nah, 80-89 is a b, 90-99 is an a, and 100 is an a+

100-97 A+ 96-94 A 93-90 A- 89-87 B+ Etc. where I'm from. Except we skip E and go right to F. For reasons unknown.

All of you people saying the different systems for grading are idiots. It changes for school, for state, for country. I mean, for my school an A is 93-97%, but for another maybe it's 90-96%. It's DIFFERENT.

It's a legitimate question. Just hope your Spanish teacher isn't here if you answer yes.

Fine I will say it; it wouldn't be an FML if OP did!

I guess your brain is too full of fuck to understand the post.

Congrats on the good grade! And that's basically your teacher assuming you're too stupid to do well on a test without cheating. Ouch. Sorry OP

¡No sopa para ti!

Donde esta mi pantalones? Buenos nachos.

Yo no speako minimum wageo

My Spanish may be off but I thought "sopa" was soup... No Soup for OP? WHAT DOES SOUP HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?!

You would know if you were a nazi

24- You are correct: sopa is soup. The reason this has to do with the FML is that OP used alphabet soup to spell out Spanish words, which is how OP studied and did well on the test.

"No soup for you!" is a Seinfeld reference.

¿Perdix, dónde está tu vibrador?

Me encanta la sopa! :) lo siento, OP. tu maestra es una perra.

43- está en su.... (ass)

Y un pedaso de mierda tambien

Chinga tu madre, puto!!! Haha. :D

33- It's been about a year since I've practiced Spanish. 'scuse me for being rusty :P

El queso está viejo y pútrido. ¿Dónde está el sanitario?

nesseita helpito understandito espanolito

*random english comment coming through*

Yo no sé, señor.

This is the length of Spanish I know: "No, no, I stay. I stay. Lemon Pledge."

Ça c'est l'espagnol, non? Non? Désolé, je suis canadienne.

I understood that c:

Did you cheat? if so, ydi. But I'm just gonna assume that the being confident part meant you didn't so fyl sorta. an A is still an A haha

The million dollar question is did you actually cheat on the test?

That happened to me once. I cheated next time.

#11, God's Water Enhancer! I'm getting fluent in Español!

I wonder what that would taste like...