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Today, I took my two and a half year-old son Trick or Treating for the first time in our new neighborhood. At the very first house, a girl told us we were too early and slammed the door in our face. My son cried. FML
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Gtca tells us more.

OP here! A lot of these comments are hilarious! Thanks for that and for those that showed us some support and sympathy. We started trick or treating at 5:15. Apparently trick or treating kicks up in our neighborhood around 6/6:30. Now I know. When I went trick or treating when I was younger, everyone started around 4 and people were prepared. Besides, how hard is it put some candy in a bowl? Also, some people commented about why a 2.5 year old needs candy, he doesn't, but we went for the experience. Luckily, we rebounded and had a fun Halloween after that incident.

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Egg her house and or sing Wrecking Ball

There is no such thing as too early!!


Egg her house and or sing Wrecking Ball

Teaching OP's son the "trick" part of "trick-or-treat"

Egg her house while singing Wrecking Ball! Even better!

I did say and or

Sing Wrecking Ball? - now that is cruel and unusual punishment

Take her home take her gold take her power

Can't believe I beat myself to first place

Well, first post any way...

You should just shut up now

There is no such thing as too early!!

There is only too late

I told that to a woman too, but I was threatened with a call to police. Apparently June 13 is too early for trick-or-treating. I had my costume on and everything. :( And by costume, I mean birthday suit.

I hope you weren't dressed like a crazy person...

Wouldn't October 30th be too early?

12, look up the meaning of birthday suit.

My bad, he added birthday suit after I commented

One time me and my brother were so late that instead of candy we got chicken wings


Chicken tastes good :D

Hopefully the rest of your neighbors aren't that rude. If they are, you might want to find a new neighborhood to trick or treat in next year.

Why don't we take the neighborhood and push it somewhere else

I see what you did there

Cause she's an Alaskan Bull Bitch

She's big, scary, and PINK!

Whoever slammed the door was a Halloweenie.

I thought it was Hallowbitch

yea definitely hollowbitch

More like a sHALLOW bitch

More like an asshole. Wait, I thought we were just describing her.

Remember her when she starts to trick or treat. And give her a pencil

Better yet, dental floss.

Or pull a Charlie Brown and give her a rock

No, guys, it's supposed to be a lump of coal. ... Oh wait, that's Christmas isn't it? Sorry, carry on.

No treat? Time for a trick. Fire works well

Halloween is about dressing your children up in a disguise and sending them to strangers houses, and threatening them for candy. She didn't give candy!

I'm surprised I don't see more children of the corn.

Thats where the 'trick' part of trick-or-treat comes in. You dont produce the goods, you get the trick.

Or you could send them to oblivion with your boot up her ass.

Wouldn't it have been easier for her to just... not answer the door?

how would she know who it was?

I agree #48. If she said it was 'too early' then the girl wouldn't have expected a ToT. And who knows if the two year old said "trick or treat" loud enough? But the slamming of the door? Uncalled for.

Slamming the door is relative. It could be that the door always seems to slam, or maybe the person didn't mean to shut the door as hard as they did. I've done that a few times. In the end, as long as the two year old isn't scarred for life (rather "scared" for life heh) it should be fine.

48. There are ways to see who's at your door without opening it or asking who it is. Some doors have peek holes, (is that what they're called?) and some people look out their windows.

He's 2, he won't remember it.

peepholes. don't most people hard windows on/near their door? the window in my door looks you my steps so if I come downstairs they see me and I can't hide.

peepholes. don't most people hard windows on/near their door? the window in my door looks you my steps so if I come downstairs they see me and I can't hide.

All deoends what time it is...

Good job! Here's a pencil

Some people are just ass wipes for the sake of being ass wipes. Your poor son.