By Anonymous - 24/08/2009 23:49 - Canada

Today, I got a new cell phone. I was texting pictures from my old phone to my new one, including several dirty ones, when I noticed I wasn't receiving any of them on the new phone. I was texting the wrong number. FML
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Man, those were some sweet pics!

Aren't you just a genius!!


That's why you double check the number.

no1askdu 5

no one double checks anymore...its so over-rated

Never heard of bluetooth? It's free too!

HahaYDI 0

The only thing that could make this better is if she sent them to her mom

More importantly... why would she be texting to her new phone, anyway? I don't understand the purpose. Like... just, why?

agreed. the new phone you'd think has bluetooth or infrared, or uploading to your computer, or even plain old memory card swapping. maybe the old phone cant be that primitive if it has a camera. but you definitely deserve it for keeping dirty pics of urself on your phone, and for transferring it to your new phone. keep the trash with the trash.

YDI for calling it a 'cell phone'

panthersrule95 0

not all phones can beam stuff thru bluetooth. like the iPhone

but then just email them and its pretty hard to punch in the wrong email

Yeah y did u have two active phones? U must have gotten a new number as well. Y not get a memory card while u're at it?

@ 40- nah, sending it to her grandma would be funny... then finding out her grandma printed them and made life sized posters.... silly gramma!!!

that must be one lucky dude who got your pictures... you should SO call the number and see what happens next

shut the fuck up. its still a cell phone.

Aren't you just a genius!!

Ahaha, real smooth.

You'd think you know your own number.

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it might have been a new number... maybe OP recently moved to a different state or something.

Ouu that sucks. Hopefully the person you sent it to died or something and was unable to receive the picture messages Hunny. ;)

lol YDI for taking dirty photos. Dirty photos always manage to get seen by everyone its a fact

ledandelion 0

Ha, organisedchaos, I was about to say that. Such a weird thing to say. "Yeah, I hope that the person died a week ago so they can;t see a stranger's embarassing naked pictures. Humiliation>Human Life."

I dunno, that seems a fair assessment of how people prioritize nowadays. Still FYL for adding more self "dirty" camera phone pictures to the world.

haha u failed

Man, those were some sweet pics!

You can accidentally send 'em to me, too. ;D



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wouldn't you realize after the first picture didn't send? no lets get those dirty one outta the way first!

ABbaby 10


picture msgs can take a while to send and if she sent them all within a minute or two of each other u wouldnt notice

how can you not know your own number? it's not that hard to remember you know... I say YDI