By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, I got a new cell phone. I was texting pictures from my old phone to my new one, including several dirty ones, when I noticed I wasn't receiving any of them on the new phone. I was texting the wrong number. FML
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  ariean  |  0

agreed. the new phone you'd think has bluetooth or infrared, or uploading to your computer, or even plain old memory card swapping. maybe the old phone cant be that primitive if it has a camera. but you definitely deserve it for keeping dirty pics of urself on your phone, and for transferring it to your new phone. keep the trash with the trash.

  ledandelion  |  0

Ha, organisedchaos, I was about to say that. Such a weird thing to say. "Yeah, I hope that the person died a week ago so they can;t see a stranger's embarassing naked pictures. Humiliation>Human Life."

  Vaetrus  |  0

I dunno, that seems a fair assessment of how people prioritize nowadays.

Still FYL for adding more self "dirty" camera phone pictures to the world.