By nofriends - 27/08/2009 02:28 - United States

Today, after going to T-Mobile thinking my phone won't receive texts, I found out that my phone is perfectly fine, my friends just don't text me back. FML
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why wouldn't you have just sent a text to yourself first to see if it delivered or not......

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Haha go expand your social life more, or get out from under that rock you live in ;)

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yes i agree.... how is this an FML anyways....the world is not going to end because your friends dont text you...go out meet new ppl live your life

agreed, people dont text you because you sit home all day texting people instead of doing something

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well maybe she only has a few friends, and her parents are strict and dont let her go out as much as others? i could see why this is a fml. if my friends did this to me i would be upset as well

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sorry i confused the op as a girl i meant "him"

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i'm going to say it's not an FML but I'm still giving you YDI anyway. you didn't have to go to the store just because your text wasn't responded to. i mean, unless someone had said, i replied back or pretty much had no reason to go to the store. no offense, but i think it's kind of pathetic. on the plus side, it might not mean that you don't have friends...just that they don't have unlimited texting and don't want to pay for unnecessary texts

why wouldn't you have just sent a text to yourself first to see if it delivered or not......

Seriously, you can send texts online. You should have sent one to yourself. With friends like those, who needs anonymous barely-acquaintances who think you're creepy?

My favorite variation on the old saw is: With friends like that, who needs enemas?

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Well i guess you dont have freinds :D heres a thought how about you spend less time on the computer and more time out in the real world :D

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He can't get better ones if he doesn't have any to begin with ;D

that happened to me except my phone was actually broken. but to test that you send a text to yourself.

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Haha FYL. But seriously get out more.