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By Anonymous - 12/01/2012 11:54 - Sweden

Today, I've had chairs thrown at me, kicks have hit me in the nuts and I've heard "I'm gonna fucking kill you, bitch" several times. I work at a kindergarten. And this is a good day compared to what I'm used to. FML
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Oh I love this phase! It's just the sugar talking.

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Damn what part of town do you live in? Haha


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Hey at least kids in Sweden know English so well at such a young age. To think they even know the swears is phenomenal!

bitch as in puppy, and puppies are cute :P

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Lmao< the most general thing you can say that basically sums this Fml right up.

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Seriously? "LMAO"? You have the opportunity for an epic first comment and that's all you came up with?

Seriously? You have the chance for an epic one hundred and seventeenth comment, and you waste it on that!

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Aw they grow up so fast don't they *sniff*, but at least you can give those pint-size demons back at the end of the day, and then their parents can pretend they don't see the way they are behaving. -.-

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He can't - sweden has a f**ked up system not allowing to punish children especially not but force. You can even go to jail 4 that.

airforce987 - You do realize that the OP could have translated that from Swedish to English right?

How many times have they been held back..? 20 times or so?

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Why are yall hating on me so bad

Why don't u become a teacher and see how it really is

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Maybe because you a walking dick with ears... @153

Oh I love this phase! It's just the sugar talking.

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I love how kids are just so horribly behaved, and everyone's just like "oh, that's just the sugar talking" they never THINK that maybe, just maybe,the kid may have behavioral issues

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Heaven forbid someone think this is a parenting problem.....

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OP's from Sweden mate, which makes it even worse. I fear for humanity :(

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I'm curious as to the racial makeup of the class

Not just any sugar, moon sugar. You'll be dealing with skooma addicts by third grade.

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I swear every year the kids get worse and worse... What is our world becoming?

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I feel really sorry for you. That is so wrong for any person to be treated like that and I don't care who it's just wrong. I would suggest maybe calling the parents and show them the lack of respect these kids are showing you.

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where you at ? east side or south side ?

What a strong-willed, thought-provoking point of view, 3. It's clear that much thought was put into your comment as opposed to those who simply rush their comments to be at the top.

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Damn what part of town do you live in? Haha

Doesnt matter what part of town, Sweden starts their chair throwing way be fire the u.s just another way we are falling Behind smh

This is going to sound terrible but I instantly thought "ghetto" when I read this

mom2pen 4

Wow! In Sweden, I teach in America and have had chairs thrown and cursed out by 4th-5th graders.

Hmm. You teach in American? Are you sure the elementary students aren't teaching you?

That says America, not American smart one.

I'm still confused as to which country you're in since it says in Sweden, in America. Ughh?

Can someone tell me what your picture is?

mom2pen 4

Flying pig sitting on a fence rail

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You must work at a school in the bad part of town.

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Damn right. Id go home, sign up for college to get a degree in somthin else or atleast apply to a diff job. Then id go to school the next day wearing my heaviest, metal studed, leather belt, lock the classroom door, n start handin out asswhoopins like its candy on halloween in a white neiborhood.

So either A) you're the worst kindergarten teacher in the history of the world or B) you teach in Hell or C) your coworkers are the ones attacking you because they hate you. I'm going with A.

Funny thing though, my first thought was "sounds like some of the kids I know..." and then it turns out OP is from Sweden like I am! So go easy on OP, some kids here are like that.

I'm not familiar with parts of Sweden but if you cannot command the respect of children, you shouldn't be in charge of teaching them. It's time to seek a new career.

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Doc, I think I'd have to go with B. I have worked with all kinds of kids in different settings and with various behavioral issues. The kids sometimes make you feel like you are teaching in Hell! It doesn't matter, sometimes, how good or bad a teacher one is, it's what issues the kids are having. Also, the kids I worked with had respect for me, as did their parents, but it didn't stop some of them during a "rage tantrum" from calling me a bitch.

So no one here actually thinks the kids making a death threat using the f bomb is a problem here?

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Wow. You know you live in the ghettos when kindergateners are threatening to kill you.

I didn't even know there were ghettos in Sweden...

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There are ghettos everywhere. They just aren't as bad as the ones you think of when you think about ghettos.