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By  sexiled4life  |  0

wow YDI for having a hairy pussy

By  sexiled4life  |  0

wow YDI for having a hairy pussy

  pwincessa23  |  1

Ewwww! shave! or wax or even a hair removal cream!

  MiGman  |  5

282 no you don't it was put there for a reason why not leave it there

  Boomi  |  35

Excuse OP for wanting to be sanitary! Pubic hair isn't gross, it protects against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, as well as acts as a shield from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is a big part of puberty. I should know, my mother was a nurse and a lot of my friends have had vaginal yeast infections because always shaved completely instead of keeping at least SOME of their pubic hair remaining where it is the most important. Don't be rude for other people's personal choices about their body, especially with something with such a high priority function.

  jimmyironic  |  9

so, since when did letting your body remain in its natural state mean that person deserves ridicule? some women don't like looking like a 12 year old down there. shame on you for trying to body shame her.

By  anonymos_fml  |  0

Yi agre with #1.. haha

By  moofin  |  0

Ew wtf shave that hairy beast

By  thisismyname_fml  |  1

agree with #4. if they're short enough to show that, then they are too short. or you have a serious issue... as for your response to what you thought he said, do you honestly think that's a healthy way to pick up guys?

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