By moomanjohnny - 31/05/2014 06:40 - United States - Pleasanton

Today, I'm babysitting two 6 year old kids. One of them won't stop screaming, and the other kid found his mom's vibrator and won't stop playing spaceship with it. The parents will be home in an hour. FML
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I finally got the one screaming to calm down and go to sleep. I also got the vibrator away from the other kid by distracting him with my phone. Everything was good when the parents came home, until the kid told his mom about a cool "spaceship".

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It's not your fault OP, that kid's mom should find a better place to hide her vibrator

Hey mummy! Wanna play buzz lightyear with me!?


It's not your fault OP, that kid's mom should find a better place to hide her vibrator

No, it is OPs fault. I babysat for years and in that time saw kids of all ages and needs. For the kid with the vibrator, you take it away from them and all you have to say is that they can't touch it and make up a reason ( its broken and could give you a booboo, whatever) and find a real toy to replace it. The one who won't stop screaming, find out why they're screaming. If they just want mommy, then distract them either with toys or if they only care about mommy, then get them to help you to tidy up and repeat over and over that mommy will be so happy to see what a good job they did cleaning. There's a million things OP can do as a baby sitter to fix the situation, and so the fact that it sounds like they were waiting for the parents to get hone to end the chaos, makes this a YDI.

36, you posted this after OP posted a follow up that said they did pretty much what you just said to do.

If you'll notice a few things: 1) Our number for posting is very close together. 2) my post is relatively long. I think, therefore, it is logical to assume that the post was not there when I had started my comment and while I was writing my comment, it had been posted, especially if you include the fact (which you have no way of knowing, so its understandable) that I'm on mobile and therefore comments take even longer to type out.

Why is my explanation being down voted? Is it so farfetched to think that the update was posted while I was already typing my comment? What am I supposed to do? Type it all out, copy it, and then triple check for an update before ever posting anything?

Maybe it's because your explanation is not as logical as you claim it is? Even though your comment numbers are close, there's like an hour and a half of time between them. In any case... god, you worry about it way too much. Just let it go, it's just thumbs down.

it's other peoples opinions. chill.

You're good. But theres no way in hell they will actually grab that vibrator. you don't know if its clean or just used >_> probably just used if the kid found it so fast

I was using mobile too...

Hey mummy! Wanna play buzz lightyear with me!?

To infinity and beyond!

I'll bring Woody!

That kid will definitely have something to laugh about in a few years

PinkkyPek 6

well one of the kids gnna look back today and realise that spaceship ain't exactly a spaceship

That's gonna be traumatizing for the kid >.

It may not be a spaceship, but for some, that thing is outta this world ;)

@13; *Slow claps*

WinterBlue42 22

It'll be like one of those times when you remember something you did as a child, followed by. . " OHGOD WHY". . :x

Kids gone wild!

...The tv show. I don't know why just said that.

Run ! Run very fast NOW !

Then get off of FML? XD

"The parents will be home in an hour....." ah an FML with a cliffhanger we need a follow up

It seems to me that you should probably take the vibrator away from the kid. You need to assert yourself, OP. These are school-aged kids, and they know how to behave. Don't do anything that could get you into trouble, but make it very clear that they need to behave. I do feel your pain. I've worked many a babysitting job, and did Childcare for ages. Good luck!

So don't do anything that will get me in trouble.... *carefully puts scythe away, then walks away feigning nonchalance.* Nothing to see here......

Chalk up another use for duck tape.

You should use a little bit authority, not too much but with decision. Good luck!