By Getthelysol - 10/10/2018 05:00

Today, I gave my 8-month-old a bath in the kitchen sink after dinner, like I always do. Today, she decided to poop in it. FML
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And you're surprised that a baby poops randomly?

They grow up so fast!


They grow up so fast!

PenguinPal3017 19

I have bathed my friend's daughter many times. I used a laundry basket in the bathtub to prevent her from falling and hurting herself.

And you're surprised that a baby poops randomly?

My oldest pooped everytime we bathed her till we started giving her showers

whiskey'swino 15

People pay good money for mud baths, your's decided to make her own.

Must be your first kid if you didn't know they did that. Not sure why you're bathing her in the sink though. Maybe to save on dish washing liquid as you're doing the dishes? *shrug. You're going to have many more FML moments like this if you keep treating your kid like a dish

It’s really not uncommon to bathe young babies in the sink. It’s smaller, safer, and the sink is at a far more manageable height for the parent. Though whatever, you go ahead being judgmental.

Love your comment.

adelaine782002 17

Who are you to judge.. God? nope! Shut up! You probably dont even have kids! or better yet keep them in a cellar.

I am God. Stop masturbating, it's sick!

ryand82 11

That'll happen

XUDT72 24

Hopefully you have a garbage disposal...

What did you expect it's not like baby's that age are known to have a lot of control on their bowel movement.

That’s okay, it’s easy clean up. Just bleach the sink real good and it will be good to go!