By Anonymous - 01/08/2011 08:32 - Australia

Today, I found out why my cups of tea have been tasting a bit funny. It turns out my kettle is full of ants, so every time I boil water to make tea, the ants get re-boiled along with it. FML
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you ever heard of washing your dishes?

Lesson learned. Next time, always rinse your kettle out. :l


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Adds a little bit of flavor to that dirt water

why don't you just... oh I don't know.... wash it?

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this wouldn't have happened if you had let your mom wash the kettle and dishes with bathroom cleaning chemicals.

enonymous 8

Add some honey and cinnamon and you got yourself a tasty treat.

At least boiling the ants made them sterile.

where did my comment go? lol @1 what dirty water? Australia water is some of the best in the world!

XxsexyemoxX 0

Hahaha XD

That's yumma! (only people who have seen the YouTube video "You forgot blueberries" will understand this comment.)

my friend used to poke sticks into ant hills and drink the piss. he said it was pretty tasty...

little extra protein never hurt anyone.

MerrikBarbarian 9

ant pee contains a chemical which makes stuff taste like salt and vinegar chips.

shuda use bathroom chemicals to clean it op! and dont make you naked mom do it for you either X)

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I feel your pain..I've sucked on a blowpop infested with ants.

cause you just have to be sucking something at all times eh?

Is his name Bear Grylls?

If it's anything like my kettle there is a little mesh filter that lets them get in but not out (easily).

ydi since it took you so long to actually go and check .

This happened to me too. Unfortunately, I don't know how long they were in there for before I noticed, but when I did I threw it out and bought the kind that you can totally open the top and have a good look inside. I still get ants in there everyday because, as someone else pointed out, it's a water source for the ants, but I rinse the whole thing before using it. Problem solved! =)

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did the ant's formic acid taste like lemon?

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That's disgusting.

Lesson learned. Next time, always rinse your kettle out. :l

It's a kettle, not a dish!

But you still have to though. Otherwise you get weird gunk in your tea or whatever from not rinsing it out.

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Or ants in your tea :P

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I know how long have they went without washing that kettle, also It doesn't seem like ants would have that distinct of a flavor

you ever heard of washing your dishes?

Well he is a guy, they don't usually clean.

Kay 54 why don't you do it for him then

KiddNYC1O 20

75- #54 is too busy in the kitchen.

I'm too busy with your mother.

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but guys drink tea?

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I agree! that's just disgusting.

A little extra protein won't hurt!

Don't they eat ants covered in chocolate somewhere?

And grasshoppers XD

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And raisins

Damn it OP, when is the last time you washed your kettle?

Obviously never...

Better yet, what do you boil that attracts ants?

Do you have a dishwasher? a sink? running water?

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ants in your pants...psh talk about ants in the kettle, that sucks op. but next you know to wash out the kettle before you use it

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Market that flavor make a bundle