By delicious - 06/01/2016 03:05 - New Zealand - Wellington

Today, I poured boiling water over my instant noodles. A freshly boiled cockroach also rolled out onto my noodles. FML
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at least you found the roach at that moment instead of when you were eating it.

free proteins!


free proteins!

lots of people are looking at the postive side of things haha!

Murilirum 23

Nuclear exposure can't kill them, but boiling water will? This is good to know!

Instant noodles 'crunch' surprise at the cost of regular. What a steal ?

At least that's one roach down....

Are you sure it was dead? Those things survive nuclear bombs, I'm not sure if boiling actually kills them or just stuns them.

They can survive the radiation of a nuclear bomb, not the explosion itself.

At least until they evolve into having titanium-plated exteriors.

Rad Roach?

Welp, you found a way to fuck up instant noodles. And they said it couldn't be done! You sure showed them! Great job, OP!

WordBea 23

is food safety like not a thing

Hakuna Matata

Poor roach. Imagine being boiled! Still, fuck your life. That sucks for you.

at least you found the roach at that moment instead of when you were eating it.

Yay for extra food! Ew.

Time to toss out the rest just in case

It was in the water not the noodles

Oh oops. Misunderstood OP's post. Thank you :)

kitsuneluvuh 12

So, did you, like, not use fresh water, or look inside/clean whatever you were using to boil it?

I agree if you boiled a kettle or something why would you not check inside first?

Are we actually, like, using like in like texting and, like, typing now?

andrmac 25

Maybe they filled from the spout or they did but the roach was on the side in that case do you examine the whole interior of the kettle looking for bugs?