By ChocoMilkManG - 03/07/2009 01:37 - United States

Today, I found some Nesquick Chocolate Milk mix in my pantry which sounded good. While making a glass, I got angry because not all of the mix would disolve. Frustrated, I downed the drink. When I finished I looked in the glass and realized the mix that wouldn't disolve was actually tiny ants. FML
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Hate when that happens. At least ants are high in protein!

And now they're gonna be swimmin' inside you for a loooong time. :)


And now they're gonna be swimmin' inside you for a loooong time. :)

DAMN... same shit happened to me.. but i didn't drink it!!

Omg, how could you not see the ants when you're scooping the powder out with your spoon? YDI for not being attentive.

hahahah ^ well, nesquick(sp?) is known to have SOMETHING wrong with their chocolate milk mix....

BCrazzi 9

They won't be swimming in him, they will desolve into tummy acid and become liquid ants:3

Hate when that happens. At least ants are high in protein!

yeah Ants =protein so its not really that bad or nasty

I was gonna say that too, lol... But then I scrolled down and saw your comment... Energy Drink XD

ugh that happened to me once before. not quite as extreme...but still unpleasant. that sucks!!!

jardinteylor 0

yeah, nesquick has always ended up with some kind of little crawly bug in it, so i never buy it anymore.

What kind of crappy quality control does the US have for their nesquik? My little sister has some nesquik every day, we go through tins of the stuff and never found anything of the sort. :P

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haha o wow that is true # 68

I believe the ants were an infestation that occurred in their pantry because they didn't close the lid correctly.

It isn't that it came from the factory w/ bugs… Just that people take to long to use it all and/or don't close it correctly…

i fucking HATE ants!!! they make my skin crawl!!! fyl INDEED!!!!!

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yikes. that really sucks.

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ants are edible and not at all bad for you... so besides it being a little unsettling everything is fine.

This FML made my skin crawl. But they're not bad for you.

There are worse things than ants... like that pulsating mutant sewer lifeform they found in North Carolina... yummy!

AndelleRae 9

Bahaha. That shit reminded me of the walls in the nightmare world in the Silent Hill games. I loved it.

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this is in you!!

what a cute little fella