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Today, I went to my new gynecologist. He has an eye twitch, and every time he asks about my genitals, he winks at me. FML
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RenoTheRhino 30

Wink back at him next time and see what he does.


RenoTheRhino 30

Wink back at him next time and see what he does.

Just keep winking, just keep winking, just keep winking winking winking

He might take OP's wink back at him as a green light to do as he pleases.

CrassKal 27

I never understood why a woman would choose to go to a male gynecologist. Any guy who chose that to be his specialty I would be suspicious about.

Because you trust them to be professionals and do their job.

Yeah, I agree 12. And any woman that ever tries to do a "man's job" I'm always suspicious about too. Just isn't right you know? People should know their place, where they can go, and where they can't.

12, Male doctors tend to be more sympathetic and gentle with women than female doctors, and this is even more true with gynecology. If the doctor is female and she asks when my last period was, and I simply reply, "I'm not pregnant" because I know that's why she's acting, she immediately assaults me with a barrage of questions, often impolitely. If I do the same thing with a male doctor, 9/10 times he'll simply say, "Okay" and move on. And with gynecology, female gynecologists tend to have an "oh don't be such a baby" attitude, whereas men make an extra effort to not hurt you and make the unpleasant experience as comfortable as possible. So that's why some women don't mind going to a male gynecologist.

MedChew 19

This, I'm an intern and I repeatedly see my male superiors in general gentler overall. Especially when it came to vaginal examinations. It's funny when you think about it.

*asking, not "acting." Ducking Swype. Always making me look like a fool.

This, exactly this, my gfs first pap smear was with a female, hurt, second one a few months later was with a guy, little pressure nothing else

I've had bad experiences with both male and female gynecologists. My doctor now is a female and amazing! One added reason I prefer a female doctor is because where I live, if you have a male doctor, there always needs to be an extra person such as the RN (I guess a witness?) during the examination. I already feel vulnerable being in that position and would rather not have more than my doctor see my privates on display.

@12: Probably because not every guy is a pervert as you seem to think.

35: I go to a female gynecologist, and there always seems to be a nurse in the room too.

schhichick 14

Yes they did and their ghost is the one who posted the fml! Or they were only sort of dead and they took a chocolate coated pill from Miracle Max and came back to life!!

Rainhawk94 27

You guys obviously don't understand what I was referring to but it's whatever

How about actually making sense instead of getting whiney when no one understands your joke?

MedChew 19

*winks at OP* Did I trigger a trauma? =D

ostfaiz 18

excitment of getting a 'new' sexy patient.. beware Op!

The severity depends if you're a male or female.

Really? Gynecologists work with the female reproductive system.

MedChew 19

Dude, you do know what a gynaecologist is right? I will not take shemales as a valid excuse

RedPillSucks 31

Unless transpeople go to gynecologist (don't know, never thought about it), OP is most likely female.

Ladies and gentlemen, please don't feed the dumbass.

This reinforces my refusal to go to male gynecologists.

RedPillSucks 31

Not disagreeing with either your right or preference, but females can have issues too. Whether it's sexual in nature or just personality issues.

I'm too scared of going to a gynecologist in general. So glad that my doctor told me I probably won't need to get a papsmear until I get married.

ohishkabibble 21

Yeah, no, I completely understand and agree. Ever since I've known about gyno exams and my eventual need for them, I've had my mind set on going to a female gyno. I just can't get past the thought of some dude I barely know palpating my pelvic region and poking at my vulva/******. Eugh :| PS: lol "sexism goes both ways." You're not even close, dude.