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By LindseyS - 20/03/2012 02:00 - United States

Today, I was enjoying my last day of Spring Break in Panama City. I got up to dance on the stage at the Holiday Inn in front of hundreds of college kids. I tried to be sexy by turning around and bending over. My friends took pictures and my bloody tampon string was hanging out the whole time. FML
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Word of advice: if your skirt is short enough for a tampon string to hang out you probably shouldn't be bending over anyway, let alone on stage. That's just slutty. Sorry but you asked for it.


ouch is right! but you deserved it for being a dumb drunk spring break ho

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Ydi for coming to panama city. I know it's the spring break capital and shit but drive down the road 5 minutes and it turns into the ghetto. Trust me I live here.

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Good friends huh? hahahahahhaha

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I hope you're only speaking for yourself, granted it's kinda gross when you can see blood, but if a woman being on her period makes another person want to throw up, that person is not a MAN. A MAN has more damn respect than that you douchebag.

Thank you! I agree completely with you. its human(woman) nature. Anyone mature wouldn't have made a huge deal out of it. And those "friends" should have told her instead of just recording her. People are so ignorant and rude.

thats ******* sick. wow thats really nasty. i can only imagine if i'd been there drunk what i wouldve had to say to that. NASSSSTYYYYY.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh, alcohol. next time think twice. oh, and get better friends. maybe theyd help you instead of embarrass you.

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eww haha. Great Ending to spring break.