By LindseyS - United States

FML: Uncensored

  Today, I was enjoying my last day of Spring Break in Panama City. I got up to dance on the stage at the Holiday Inn in front of hundreds of college kids. I tried to be sexy by turning around and bending over. My friends took pictures and my bloody tampon string was hanging out the whole time. FML
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  Jimmothy68  |  5

Ydi for coming to panama city. I know it's the spring break capital and shit but drive down the road 5 minutes and it turns into the ghetto. Trust me I live here.

  purplepixie23  |  16

I hope you're only speaking for yourself, granted it's kinda gross when you can see blood, but if a woman being on her period makes another person want to throw up, that person is not a MAN. A MAN has more damn respect than that you douchebag.