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  mitchem  |  3

kk I guess the pharm tech will have to set you straight...all brands of Xanax, generic or brand, are about half an inch in length with the exception of two mg, which is about an inch, and the extended release which only has a large X on it. Its fairly hard to see the name on it. The medicine is made for anxiety disorders and basically slows the brain down, this is the reason its a huge street drug. Some of the pills are also white, so imagine a half-inch white tablet in a box full of tiny white rocks.

  seamonkeys  |  10

When starting some medications, the Dr will instruct the pt to start off by breaking the pill in quarters, then slowly increase. I know from experience that a little chunk of pill can look like a little chunk of cat litter. (I didn't take the cat litter, though)

  dre_bro11  |  12

if they look the same, then I'm sure they're shaped the same and if you're referring to taste, cat litter looks quite dry at times, as do medications, so I'm sure OP wouldn't have been able to tell the difference, obviously otherwise there'd be no fml

  SuperMew  |  22

Most people don't chew their pills. They drop them down the back of the throat, swallow with water, and as quickly as possible. So they would not have tasted the cat litter-y taste.

  boating_guy  |  33

I feel like most people (myself included) assume you picked it right back up and your first thought (at least mine isn't) "hey let me double check that this is actually what I dropped". More of an "Oh! here it is! Right down the hatch" *swallow* done!

  ittybritt  |  0

71: I do keep my toothbrush in my room and bring it to the bathroom to brush my teeth. it's said that 90% of particles can attach to your toothbrush just from sitting on the counter.

  mansen  |  15

most bathrooms have medicine cabinets. with doors on them. So close the lid on your toilet before you flush, put your toothbrush in the medicine cabinet and keep that door closed. Simple concept isn't it?