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Today, I saw my girlfriend going into my best friend's dorm room and suspected her to cheat on me so I placed a camera in his room to spy on them. In the end, I discovered that my girlfriend has problems in math and both my best friend and brother are gay. FML
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Yeah, so? You found out your girlfriend wasn't cheating and that your best friend gets along with your family. Where's the problem besides your trust issue?


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can someone explain starlalove's comment? or is it just simple random trolling

I say good job. He suspected her of cheating, but he didn't freak out about it. Instead, he did a little "investigation", and found out that she's not. He wins, imo. Sucks for his BFF and Brother, though. :P

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rule numero uno of college, do not EVER put a secret camera in a college dorm unless you want to see what was not meant to be seen. YDI

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you cant just generalize an entire country as being evil

bugmenotmofo 34

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well now at least you know that she won't be cheating on you with your best friend or brother, since they are gay. (:

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ok how did this fml turn in to a debate on middle eastern countries? ok let me settle this so we can go back to the fml. terrorist r wrong, most people in those countries have nothing to do with it, neither do Muslims, and America has killed civilians in past but it was different people in a different time so it ahouldnt be used against american people right now. but as we Christians say, everyone, everyday is sinning. but that isn't an excuse not to love your neighbor.

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Nothing wrong with either of those things! And I am the WORST at math! Who cares if they are gay? Just accept them for who they are.

this isnt even an fml.. thats good that shes not cheating on you.

i agree. it's not a fml since the most important news is that the gf wasn't cheating. brother or good friend gay, who cares?

Just be glad she wasn't cheating on you....

marisol18 0

Riqht, it's not really an fml. It's bttr then havinq your qirl cheating on you.

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Putting a camera in the room isn't the best way of approaching things...

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Now, when she does cheat on your insecure, camera setting up ass, she's going to bang a guy from the club, at work, the library or one of her girl friend's friends. Maybe she'll bang your friend also after you share your story with her...

elara15 0

Yeah, so? You found out your girlfriend wasn't cheating and that your best friend gets along with your family. Where's the problem besides your trust issue?

I dont think the fml is that his girlfriend isn't cheating/is bad at math.. think the problem is that when he watched the recording, he has to watch his best friend and his brother having sex.

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that was suspicious behavior on his part and she maybe should have said something. though he should just ask instead of invading there privacy.

How is this an FML? You should be supportive of both your brother and your best friend. Your girlfriend isn't cheating on you anyway.

It wouldnt be an FML if he just heard about it, but the fact that he SAW it makes it a FML XD. To OP, sux, fyl, at least you know yer gf's faithful

Kinda anti-FYL. Would you have preferred your girlfriend cheating with your best friend? Having a gay family member and friend or a girlfriend that struggles with maths ain't that bad really...

i think the issue here is HOW he found out that his best friend is gay. as in, watching a video of potentially . uncomfortable moments.

Even so... unless curiosity got the better of him, watching a brief moment would have sufficed :)

well he wouldnt have seen it if he didnt ILLEGALLY spy on them

He had to watch his brother and his best friend have sex..... That sucks

I hope she dumped you for not trusting her.

**** that, I hope she charges the douchebag.

Why? She was the one who didn't tell him what was going on. If I saw my girlfriend going into my best friends room I would suspect the same thing. I wouldn't set up a camera and shit, but the fact is that she wasn't honest with him first.

curryndricegirll 0

I'm going to actually call fake on this one, too. He says he saw his girlfriend go in his bff's dorm room, and just happens to have a camera? Note, it does not say that she had been going. Second of all, how was she studying math while his bff and brother were banging each other? Doesn't really make sense. Oh, and his girlfriend does NOT have to tell him why she's going anywhere, especially if she's studying math in his bff's dorm room. OP, if this isn't fake, What the EFF is wrong with you? I really do hope she dumped your insecure a$$.

Really? If you saw your girlfriend going into your best friend's room, the first thing you assumed would be that they were ******* each other? You have some serious trust issues, my friend.

I think genius means if he saw her going into said room multiple times, instead of once. Maybe that was what the OP meant? Or maybe not... either way, cameras are a little extreme ahurr And your best friend is gay with your brother? Aw.. and they hid it from you. Shame your brother couldn't feel like he could tell you, even if it is your best friend. Unless you just meant you heard them talking about him as well, but it's still kind of sad neither of them felt confident enough to tell you. Maybe if you did less silly things like setting up cameras instead of talking it out...