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By Blindsider - 28/03/2023 12:00

Today, I had my second miscarriage. My husband responded by throwing a bitch fit because I "totally blindsided him with this miscarriage shit” knowing he wanted kids, and if he'd known he wouldn’t have married me in the first place. He threw his wedding band in the trash and stormed off. FML
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Holy crap! please tell me that the ring is gonna stay in the trash. This man doesn't deserve you. I know you're hurting terribly, but try to see it as a blessing that you're not tied to him with a child.


Holy crap! please tell me that the ring is gonna stay in the trash. This man doesn't deserve you. I know you're hurting terribly, but try to see it as a blessing that you're not tied to him with a child.

You married a child that wants a child.

Keep in mind, us guys are dumb and have absolutely no idea about what goes on with a woman’s body. We would all love that fairytale existence but rarely deliver. On the flip side, all the women will break out the torches and pitchforks and condemn the guy because he didn’t deliver the fairytale response. Proceed with caution.

How about trying to have a bit of empathy? It doesn’t need to be ‘fairytale’, just humane. Surely he was with her in the hospital during the removal of the baby (yes, a miscarriage involves either labour or a surgery - in my case, both) and would have seen how significant a toll this takes on a woman. Men may be dumb sometimes, but that doesn’t give them a right to be cruel and that’s what the husband’s behaviour is. If he wants to talk about fertility issues and disappointments, wait a goddamnminute for her to grapple with a literal life endangering injury that not only can effect your body but also your hormones causing severe depression and mood swings. Not to mention the loss of a child.

An extremely low % of miscarriages require surgery or labour. The vast majority of miscarriages, are the type where you experience symptoms of a heavy period and those type of miscarriages actually outnumber successful pregnancies. It's very common. You (generally) only require surgery or labour for late-term pregnancies or when shit goes unusually wrong. Offcourse, sympathy is still required even if it didn't require surgery or labour. They still lost a baby that they carried and go through pain, physical and emotional, .

Now is. It the time to defend a person for being a loud ignoramus. Miscarriages are something that negatively affect a couple, and instead of taking his rage out on her, he should have joined with her and they could take their collective rage out on someone who deserves it, like people who drive below the speed limit in the passing lane.

wow, you bring out the 'im too stupid to understand' excuse a lot in life I bet. This is beyond not understanding this is straight up cruelty and neglect. can't uh-oh I'm a dude- that one away.

i bet you are a bitter lonely old man. Most people learn about this stuff in High School Health classes. You must have skipped that day.

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All he needed to be was human. My 5 year old grandson has learned that no matter how angry he is, he can't say he hates his little brother because it hurts his brother's feelings, and it's mean. women dont want a fairytale they want men to behave like decent humans. Boys will be boys is a childish excuse to never have to change bad behavior.

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So men don’t know that miscarriages aren’t a woman’s fault? Or that they shouldn’t blame their wives for something that they can’t control and are in emotional, and physical, pain from and throw their wedding ring in the trash? Such a ******* copout.

You're writing this from your lawyers office right?

Girl, run. Run fast and run far. Someone who would abuse you like this over something completely involuntary that is also hurting you physically and mentally needs to stay very very far away from you.

This guy's an arsehole. I'm assuming that OP had her first miscarriage before she knew him, or if not he's an irredeemable arsehole.

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*hugs from an internet stranger* The loss of a wanted pregnancy is hard. Take time for yourself and please talk to a therapist or look for a support group for others who's had your experiences. Please take from them the advice they give if it feels like it's the best advice for you and your situation. In terms of the husband, deal with it after you take care of you.

What an amazing jerk!… Difficulties for a couple can go in different ways. Sometimes they bring the couple together as they face shared disappointments and problems. Sometimes it can cause one to turn one on the other as they splinter down to the core “me” who was disappointed… OP, you are the only one who knows the big picture and if this was just one horribly wrong response by your husband to something that obviously hurt and disappointed both of you. If this is part of a bigger picture of a failed relationship then now may be the time to take steps to ultimately protect yourself…