By broke_otaku - 09/08/2009 04:21 - United States

Today, my boyfriend asked me to sniff his armpit to see if he was the one who smelled. I did because we are that comfortable with us. After a couple of sniffs I heard laughter. I forgot I was sitting in his living room and his family was watching me the whole time. I am now the BO finder. FML
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ShyShy_fml 0

You "forgot" you were in his living room? Um, yea.... sure you did....


heavenandhell 0

YOu are really disturbing WHY seriously WHY would u sniff his armpit????

alex_vik 0

Kumo, you're a shitty troll. You don't even try.

I think it is freaking hilarious that all the people on here are like "OMFG THAT'S SO GROSS", but when a girl posts an FML about her boyfriend pissing on her in the shower, then everybody's like "Why is this an FML?" or "Your boyfriend is awesome"...WTF?! I'm married and I would definitely rather smell my husband's armpit than let him pee on me...

omgwtflolz 0

yeah really. why would u even do that?

effyoubitch 5

YDI, be more aware of your surroundings.

ShyShy_fml 0

You "forgot" you were in his living room? Um, yea.... sure you did....

Just what I was thinking. How do you forget your in a room full of people. And why would your bf ask you to sniff in front of all those people.

Bullshit. Plus the wording is inelegant.

I think the fact that you're that comfortable in a relationship more than makes up for the fact you have a stupid nickname.