By broke_otaku - 09/08/2009 04:21 - United States

Today, my boyfriend asked me to sniff his armpit to see if he was the one who smelled. I did because we are that comfortable with us. After a couple of sniffs I heard laughter. I forgot I was sitting in his living room and his family was watching me the whole time. I am now the BO finder. FML
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Gross. Why would you even do that?

You "forgot" you were in his living room? Um, yea.... sure you did....


Gross. Why would you even do that?

yea wtf, seriously wtf...

YOu are really disturbing WHY seriously WHY would u sniff his armpit????

YDI for not flushing the toilet.

Kumo, you're a shitty troll. You don't even try.

I think it is freaking hilarious that all the people on here are like "OMFG THAT'S SO GROSS", but when a girl posts an FML about her boyfriend pissing on her in the shower, then everybody's like "Why is this an FML?" or "Your boyfriend is awesome"...WTF?! I'm married and I would definitely rather smell my husband's armpit than let him pee on me...

yeah really. why would u even do that?

"smell it yourself bitch."

I agree #1. That's gross. :S

YDI, be more aware of your surroundings.

You "forgot" you were in his living room? Um, yea.... sure you did....

Just what I was thinking. How do you forget your in a room full of people. And why would your bf ask you to sniff in front of all those people.

What.... The... Fuck?

Bullshit. Plus the wording is inelegant.

I think the fact that you're that comfortable in a relationship more than makes up for the fact you have a stupid nickname.

was it wet and hairy? disguuuuuuuusting.