By Mush - 27/08/2015 16:42 - France - Montpellier

Today, after an 8-month wait, I went on my big vacation. The beach, the sea, the dive, the jellyfish, the allergic reaction, the hospital. FML
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TordNorski 30

Nicely written FML.

Did you call it your squishy


Did you pee on your sting?

bethers_ 22

Peeing on a jellyfish sting aggravates the nematocysts and causes more of them to fire, intensifying the pain. Rinsing the area with sea water will deactivate the stingers and bring some relief. Sorry about your incident, OP.

RedPillSucks 31


Did you call it your squishy

Hell yeah! Should just keep swimming

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.

Hopefully you'll have a speedy recovery and you will get to enjoy the rest of your trip!! Good luck op

Symantha23 25

Ouch!!! Where did you go on vacation?

From the bar, I'm going to say France.

zeffra13 31

Could be he's from France, posted when he returned.

lexiieeex3 32

I've never heard of anyone being allergic to jellyfish... That's definitely a new one, but I hope you feel better OP and are able to salvage what's left of your vacation.

A jellyfish is a venomous creature that uses stingers to incapacitate prey with a neurotoxin. It's the chemical make up of the neurotoxin that some people are allergic to. Most people breakout in a painful rash for a couple days.

people can be allergic to anything. I'm allergic to oranges...

wild from start to finish

TordNorski 30

Nicely written FML.

Man...that stings

No shit, Sherlock!

PePziNL 20

Booooo Wendy Testaburger boooooo

I find this comment extremely funny

Wow, sounds like you did a lot.