By amaze - 25/06/2019 02:30

Today, I discovered just how picky my son is. In addition to understandably not eating vegetables, he also doesn’t eat chicken fingers, pizza, or ice cream, along with several other foods I assumed all kids love. FML
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oneonta 8

ice cream? really??? thats kinda sad 😢

If the kid is on the autism spectrum, he or she may very well starve to death rather than eat.


Is your kid Benjamin Button?

oneonta 8

ice cream? really??? thats kinda sad 😢

When I was a kid I didn't like pizza either. It took Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to change my mind. This was in the 80's.

lol, my wife is watching that right this moment

horsebabe86 11

That kind of crap doesn’t fly in my house. Im not a short order cook. My kids will eat what I put on their plate or they can go hungry, for that meal. Stop letting your kid run the show and put your foot down. Who’s the parent, you or them?

If the kid is on the autism spectrum, he or she may very well starve to death rather than eat.

Then you get him diagnosed and thus know for sure either way....

Mathalamus 24

You should not be a parent. If you never consider what they even like to eat, they Will resent you for it. And, threres probably a damn good reason for disliking it

If you’re starting out that aggressively and authoritarian on something that’s supposed to be fun and meaningful family time (in the crucial years of taste development that is), then good luck with their puberties and good luck with their abilities to talk about feelings or desires. Handling children’s eating like that teaches them that an opinion is something that will be sanctioned if it happens not to be yours. That’s the core ingredient to a lot of struggle when they grow older.

Please don't breed.

I was brought up this way and have a very good relationship with both my parents. he/she doesnt say they never take into account their kids whishes just that they also have to eat what they dont like

Yeah, my mom tried that too. I often slept at the table because I couldn't leave without finishing my meal, and I wouldn't. I often cried because I didnt like food I was forced to eat. I was also a pretty skinny kid because they couldn't force me to eat. Now we know its partially because of texture issues, and that I cant smell so my taste is wack. But, even if I didnt have those issues, everyone has different tastes. I understand it's hard and expensive to feed kids, but you should still take in to consideration what they like and encourage them to try new things in a healthy way. Being a dictator in their lives is going to make it hard to have a healthy relationship with them.

toodamntall 9

Picky eating is about more than people being disobedient. It's usually about the texture and/or flavour of the food, and most picky eaters don't have a choice about the foods they do and don't like. Forcing a picky eater to eat things they don't like is more likely to make them resentful or develop bad eating habits.

Phil 14

When I was a kid, you ate what was put before you. If you didn't like something, that was fine, you didn't have to eat that. But nothing else was going to be made just for you. Of course this was long before chicken nuggets, and the like.

icalledhisname 12

Selective Eating Disorder is a real thing. I can’t speak for OP but my daughter will literally starve if I gave her the option to eat my food or starve. Last I checked, starving a kid is neglect which is a form of child abuse. She’s just barely not underweight, I can’t let her go days without eating. I am a very good parent and she is the child, thank you very much.

I don't like fruits and vegetables, so I'd rather starve to death

TMO2142 25

You sound like the type of parent who will just swear at their kids later in life..

make it fun, find out what he does like. he's letting you know he's a different kind of cat

why is it understandable that he wouldn't like vegetables? lots of kids love their veggies

Your attitude towards both vegetables and junk food speaks volumes. What's wrong with my kid? He won't eat garbage! In my house we eat our f'n vegetables. Everything else is optional.

it's one of those if he doesn't eat what you serve he doesn't eat. that's how my parents got me to eat stuff I didn't like. see how picky he is after skipping a. meal or two

icalledhisname 12

The struggle is real, my kid is the same way. No matter what I do, she won’t eat anything except mashed potatoes, ramen and grilled cheese sandwiches

Got a granddaughter just like that. No Pizza, Mac n cheese, Bread of any kind. I fed her ramen for 6 straight days, by day 7 she was begging for anything different, I got a pizza, she ate it and now likes it.