By dadadoo - 06/02/2012 04:09 - United States

Today, while on the bus, I watched a homeless man pop a pimple on his arm and eat it. FML
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Ew literally made me gag just thinking about it

In this economy, you do what you gotta do for food


Ew literally made me gag just thinking about it

Lies, probably made your mouth water : P

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

*takes bite of sandwich* ^-^ *reads FML* 'o' *throws up*

I've never understood how images like this could make people gag or whatever, nothing has ever affected me that way, I suppose I must just have a stronger than average stomach! But it is quite nasty, I can only imagine how bad that mans life must be to eat a pimple though.

scarface90 8

For some reason, I pictured Tyrone (chapelle show) *mm peanut butter and crack*

GovernorGeneral 8

The fuuuuuuuuuuck!? How many people get pimples on their arms!?

danni218 1

Eww reminds me of a chick in math class a couple of years ago, she had acne and when she was bored shed pop the whiteheads and eat her pimple juice...yuck

Weird, the FML website isn't letting me comment. Mods help please

Is it weird to wonder what it tastes like?

when you can't afford food you have to make use of what you got.

I'm with number 1, that made me a bit nausous.

chlorinegreen 27

79- um yeah. Pretty sure that's weird but by all means go for it. See if people look at you funny... Or gag.

Imagin someone with acne passing by, this homeless person must think "hey!! walking buffet!!"

Only thing that ive EVER seen or thought of that made me gag was 2 girls 1 cup.

why are homless people always on the bus? like where could they ever possibly go ?

Reminds me of when my teacher said his bro was working and some guy with acne asked him a question while biting his lip. Then his pimple popped and he started licking it. I STARTED GAGGING!!!

This man was just getting a little protein.

Actually, pimple juice I believe doesn't have any protein. It just makes the person actually doing it make him feel more like Johnny Knoxville licking hot sauce off of a jalepano. If he were to continue feeding ONLY off of the pimple juice, he would soon die of malnutrition.

tl; dr in summary: the manlove brings the protein

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73 Go back to 4chan or wherever you trolls come from....

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F the homeless man's life more.

In this economy, you do what you gotta do for food

Should've gave the poor guy a dollar. Or a booger. Which ever he'd prefer.

LaColombianita 26

Lol both these comments made me laugh. (:

You know you've hit rock bottom when....

Desperate times call for desperate measures... I mean who catches a bus?

44 - I know right? I lasso myself to cars and rollerskate my way around. It's pretty damn fun. Just don't trip.

nonamericandolla 6

Why the hell did u watch him do it OP?!

Well I had something typed, realized it was stupid, went to edit, ran out of time, and now this is what was left...

DalPozzo13 10

There is so many things wrong with that, wtf

I know right? Like a homeless man catching a bus? Where to exactly!!?? Haha

What confuses me even more is how over 2000 people think it's OPs fault...

Sounds like someone needs a sandwhich

Gotta find a lot of pimples to fill the bread.

The_Tool1 13

Sounds like someone needs to make it. *cough* get in the kitchen *cough*.