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  DooleyFTW  |  17

I've never understood how images like this could make people gag or whatever, nothing has ever affected me that way, I suppose I must just have a stronger than average stomach! But it is quite nasty, I can only imagine how bad that mans life must be to eat a pimple though.

  danni218  |  1

Eww reminds me of a chick in math class a couple of years ago, she had acne and when she was bored shed pop the whiteheads and eat her pimple juice...yuck

  HateLife66  |  0

Reminds me of when my teacher said his bro was working and some guy with acne asked him a question while biting his lip. Then his pimple popped and he started licking it. I STARTED GAGGING!!!

  tennisrapper1  |  14

Actually, pimple juice I believe doesn't have any protein. It just makes the person actually doing it make him feel more like Johnny Knoxville licking hot sauce off of a jalepano. If he were to continue feeding ONLY off of the pimple juice, he would soon die of malnutrition.