By H1dd3n - 1/6/2013 23:31 - United States - La Quinta
Today, I found out that my parents were artists when they met. My mom said that I was one of their best projects yet. My sister, hearing what my mother said, broke my week-old PS3 in a rage. FML
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  KawaiiCupcake  |  14

Braking something like that is just wrong... But look at your sister's point of wive... No kid likes to her that their second best or second favorite. I feel bad for you sister. But braking your stuff was wrong.

  xlord  |  27

ummm... most people can't afford/ waste money on buying a console as soon as it comes out....

and seeing as consoles are no longer backwards compatible, old consoles are still valuable.

Heck, we still play Mario party 2 on the n64 cause its that awesome :D

  timelessone  |  16

I didn't say it justified her actions, I think its messed up what she did, but if he had enough money to purchase a brand new console or even used, and your right about the ps3 retaining its value, then he should have saved up until the new one came out.

  Zebediabolical  |  37

13: My 360 died a couple weeks ago and it took me a week to get around to replacing it. I won't buy the XBONE or the PS4 until it's been proven for at least two years, anything else is basically paying top dollar to get into a wide-scale beta test.

Remember the Red Ring o' Death on the 360's that plagued it for a year? Yeah.

  UnluckyGenius  |  21

The Red Rings weren't an error. They are a way to tell you what type of issue your xbox is facing.
1 flashing red light being a small issue like power cable or hdmi cable not being properly plugged in. I forget what 2 or 3 meant.
I got 4 flashing lights (Full ring) which meant that the console overheated was completely wrecked.

  Rababco  |  29

@100 my brother kept getting the red ring of death, I think it would overheat and stopped working. He had to keep sending it to get fixed (there was still a warranty) this happened on and off for about a year. Turns out, having it in the cubby beneath the TV didn't give it enough ventilation so he started placing it on an end table, hasn't had the problem ever since.

By  MoidixMois43  |  21

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  Bakarra  |  22

The mom and dad, who were artists, complemented OP by saying he was the best project (like an art project) they've ever made. OPs sister, being jealous, made her case for being the best child by thrashing a $400+ PS3