By PissedAtLife - 23/02/2011 20:37 - United States

Today, I was invited to a counseling group for people with emotional problems. I brought the permission slip home for my mom to sign, only for her to accuse me of being a hypochondriacal, lazy, selfish bitch. And my friends wonder why I have problems. FML
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Totally messed up, least your mom could do is show some compassion.


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u, kill your mom

Hmm I might get a lot of hate.. but it sounds like a teenager who thinks the world is against them.. My mum used to talk to me like that and i really disliked her for it, but I realised she worked really hard to raise me, the stress made her impatient, and I'm not the best daughter.. I hope things work out between u and ur mum! ~~~

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My mother is just like hers. She never took care of me. My father was barely there for me and I have extreme emotional problems. Counseling is great. I go to it myself. That's horrible of her Mom to say. I hope she's alright. So **** what you say, not everyone's parents are there for them in life.

Totally messed up, least your mom could do is show some compassion.

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Shouldn't that be "hypochondriacal"? Someone, please, correct me if I'm wrong.

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I feel ya same wit my ma. She needs to go to warm springs

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Arrange a meeting with the leader to talk with you and your mom about why this would be good for you. Or just forge her signature.

that's some solid parenting there, mom

I felt so sad when I first read this FML on the moderation process. I'm sorry OP, I'm sure there are other ways to go to the therapy session, talk to your school counselor. Good luck

It's so sad to see these stories of parents who don't show compassion to their offspring...