By PissedAtLife - / Wednesday 23 February 2011 20:37 / United States
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  riax  |  9

Hmm I might get a lot of hate.. but it sounds like a teenager who thinks the world is against them.. My mum used to talk to me like that and i really disliked her for it, but I realised she worked really hard to raise me, the stress made her impatient, and I'm not the best daughter.. I hope things work out between u and ur mum! ~~~

  FusionPlacebo  |  26

My mother is just like hers. She never took care of me. My father was barely there for me and I have extreme emotional problems. Counseling is great. I go to it myself. That's horrible of her Mom to say. I hope she's alright. So fuck what you say, not everyone's parents are there for them in life.

By  DrDiamond  |  0

I felt so sad when I first read this FML on the moderation process. I'm sorry OP, I'm sure there are other ways to go to the therapy session, talk to your school counselor. Good luck

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