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Today, wanting to do something nice for my dad, I mowed the lawn. He grounded me for "emasculating" him. FML
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How does that emasculate him? What a little bitch

Rocketgirl89 17

Parents are weird. They complain when you don't do any work around the house. Then they complain when you do.


sumbum95 15

Just as long as you know you did a good thing who cares what he says! :)

I imagine that would be small consolation, given the circumstances. Being grounded is no fun.

Oh, I don't know, maybe because OP is still grounded.

friedpwnadge 25

He's emasculating himself by being an insecure little bitch.

I would care if i got grounded, i mean for god sakes some parents have to bribe their kids to do this. His dad doesnt know how lucky he is.

40 - You mean "Her dad doesn't know how lucky he is"

I would care what he says... Knowing you did a good is is not enough

Talk to your mom? I mean it's one thing he doesn't have to do he shouldn't complain maybe your mom can talk some sense into him.

Exactly, feedback is so important to me, too.

Is that some weird sex term I don't know about?

Emasculate is the action of making someone less of a man.

I think 2 is referring to another fml. The father beat the crap out of the op for offering to mow their lawn.

How does that emasculate him? What a little bitch

Some would consider mowing the lawn to be a man's job. OP is a girl, so her dad sees this emasculating so that seems to be the case. I mow the lawn all the time for my dad because he has trouble walking (because hes stubborn). People need to shut up about equality and gender jobs...if you can do it and it makes you happy, it shouldn't matter.

Maybe OP is pregnant? My very pregnant wife tried mowing the lawn the other day. I took the mower from her, told her shes stubborn and making me look like an asshole, and to go make me a sandwich or else she's grounded.

Is it not okay to ask your wife for a sandwich nowadays? *******.

I thought that was funny but ppl are overly sensitive example OP's father

spekledworf 18

If she's pregnant, you make HER the sandwhiches

oops... finally I know why the dad said OP emsculated him...

Well at least you have less chores to do now

OP is grounded, if anything she has more.

I mean that she can just say, " I don't want to emasculate you dad" when he asks her to do chores.

Pwn17 25

What chores would he have her do? Anything would "emasculate" him.

Op goes lazy, he'll feel emasculated because he isn't the number one lazy person in the house.

Laundry, dishes, cooking, vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, etc... Things that the dad might consider "women's" work. Stereo typing how some think it's a guy's job to throw out the trash and tune up the car.

TheDrifter 23

But, but... Those are the only chores that I'm good at. I do ok with the mower, but I'm pro at taking out the garbage.

yoursucklives 36

someone feels threatened as alpha male it seems.

man_in_black08 28

Hey atleast next time when he asks you to be a man and do something..say "naww, i am afraid it might immasculate you".lol

Ins0mau 20

You do know O.P is his daughter, right?

And it's not immasculate. It says it clearly in the FML.

Make sure you never do anything that REALLY emasculates him. He may demasculate you.

I suggest learning to fix the family car. That will hit the old man in the gut.

Rocketgirl89 17

Parents are weird. They complain when you don't do any work around the house. Then they complain when you do.

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Yup cause you know, mowing the lawn is SOOOO masculine. Tell your dad to go chop some firewood and stop being a lala.