By ick - 31/07/2010 01:44 - United States

Today, I was repainting the walls in my room. While painting, I noticed a dark spot on the wall that wouldn't seem to go away no matter how much paint I put on it. A bucket of paint and hours later, I realized that "dark spot" was a shadow. FML
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Unstoppable15 0

lol , you most def had a SLOW moment

blahzz 4

Didn't your mom teach you not to paint while high on crystal meth?


Unstoppable15 0

lol , you most def had a SLOW moment

The_grumpy_bear 0

Haha OP you got a pretty good giggle outa me with that fml.

You deserve it for being an abnormally idiotic lesser mortal. You must be of Mexican descent.

MyChemical_fml 0

When you were painting it, didn't you notice the spot move..? o.o?

BadPinkKitty07 0

Yeah... #34 is so funny. What number is this again?

moderated this one :)but yea this person is stupid I swear!

shayyyyy 0

wouldn't you'd have notices your shadow MOVE? idiot

o0Semper0Fi0o 0

oh boy is this fellow smart :D I bet your shadow doesn't want you now

shut the **** up. am not mexican but this issue of race is starting to really piss me off.

haha sounds like something I would do x

ellielovesyuh 0

this has to be fake. how don't u notice the spot moving as u paint?...

ihatewri10 1
WhooperFTW 0

It's funny cuz you tried to paint a dark spot on you're wall but the dark spot was you

kidsanchez1 4

did it ever occur to you guys that he might of just bought some toxic paint. or he was baked

Arsonnist 3

Nope sorry 24. 34 didn't exactly live up to the expectation. Good try though. You owe me $200.

austin95 0

some liberal bastard from gay califonia

its funny because you cant tell the difference between a shadow and a dark spot

legonut4wannabe 0

It's funny because you thought the dark spot was from paint and was to stupid to see your own shadow.

it's funny because u wasted a lot of paint on nothing

How the hell would you not notice your shadow moving?

WAS "A" SHADOW. it didn't say it was op shadow, gosh fml readers these days -.-"

OopsieDaisies 0

Maybe it wasn't op's shadow? It couldve been something else in the room or something from outside. That would make more sense.

is fml just reusing old fml's?? I've read this exact fml when reading random ones.

terranada 3

op never said it was his/her shadow. it couldve been the shadow from something else. tho ydi op....

you were bound to block the light creating the spot/shadow from moving about and notice the "spot" disappear into your shadow. ydi for having a moment of dumb.

the object's shadow might not b a moving object

You must be dumber than a bucket of paint.

on the plus side u wont have to repaimt that part of the wall for a long time

All modern paint is toxic. Oh and "Latex" paint... Yeah. NO Latex in it. The cheap stuff is mostly vinyl compounds, and dyes that can be absorbed through the skin.

snagglepaste 0

34-you didn't really live up to the hype.

snagglepaste 0

look, 114 is a kickass wannabe

it probley wasn't their shadow.. jeez.

can't even laugh at this one...op end your life

hahaha my whole family has done this before, but we thought it was a stain on thr carpet. we spent 45 minutes trying to get rid of it! hahahah fyl

im 14. i dont plan on reproducing for a while dont worry ;) hahah

SarahSehhati 40

I, myself has done this before too! :D

KianaCaca 10

Wow halfway through reading this I was guessing it was your shadow. You are very very smart :)

crazedcabbages 0

yeah i already knew it was going to be a shadow too lolz

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dudeitsdanny 9

Didn't you notice the dark spot moving when you did? o.O