By Anonymous - 10/10/2009 21:43 - United States

Today, I made the decision to quit smoking while I was driving in my car. So I took my pack, crushed it and threw it out the window. I felt triumphant about this change I was making in my life, until the cop I didn't know was behind me gave me a ticket for littering. FML
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so? i don't see the big deal here. pay the fine, and next time, don't litter.

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Morals of the story- 1) Don't litter. 2) Don't smoke in the first place.


so? i don't see the big deal here. pay the fine, and next time, don't litter.

I know! OP, not only did you litter, but it's terrible for people. Some stupid kid could have picked them up and tried them. YDI, litterbug.

Not if they're crushed, silvermoonstar.

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How are you so sure that they weren't camel crushes and by crushing he meant crushing the filter?

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In South Georgia Island you are permitted, no even more than that, you are encouraged to the point of social requirement to litter. It helps enrich our soil and keep less in our landfills. When someone sees you throwing trash in the trash can they may go as far as pick the trash out and throw it on the ground. They also might chase you and yell "gwqama" which means stop you non litterer. then they spit on you. So i would say congrats on quitting smoking and enriching americas poor soil.

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard

Ugh, how stressful. You should consider taking up smoking, I heard it helps relieve stressed caused by things like this. ... oh wait....

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really.."genius" girl... that is THE most stupid thing-- i agree with the guy above me

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rofl if I got a ticket I would need a smoke after

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Morals of the story- 1) Don't litter. 2) Don't smoke in the first place.

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Exactly - while nicotine isn't exactly easy to give up (for most people), it's pretty stupid to litter just to spare your health.

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It's extremely easy to give up if you never start.......

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That's true, and I agree that people should never even start smoking. But people do and, once they do, it's hard to give up. From what I remember of my lectures on drugs back at uni, I think nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, second only to caffeine.

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uhh yah heroin (and other opiates), cocaine and meth are a lott harder to give up than caffeine

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Oops! I was wrong - a quick Google search shows nicotine is #1 on the list, caffeine is #2 ( Opiates are generally hard to give up, but most studies show going without them for a few days at a time greatly reduces the level of dependency. Nicotine and caffeine are often considered more addictive because they generally create a serious psychological dependency; they are legal (therefore more widely accessible to users); the withdrawal symptoms last for ages (not just a few days like most opiates do); and, people are more likely to be addicted the first time they take the drug (unlike cannabis, opiates, etc. where the user generally needs a few hits before they start to feel the effects).

YDI for littering and not knowing how to spell.

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good for you! you stopped smoking!! hopefully you quit for life:) now you can save all the money you wouldve spent on cigarettes and pay off that ticket:)

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I feel for you bro, I tossed pickles the window and hit a cop car square in the wind shield . He was not happy !

I think Pickles Anonymous goes by a few other names nowadays. Not that I'd know.

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There is no point of starting something with the intent to quit it. =P

Judging by your username and bio, you were doped up when you wrote this.

hey "DOPEHEAD" they didn't start planning on quititing . what are you an IDIOT or mentally challenged? GOOD they quit BAD timming litterbug