By SinkyBalls - 30/08/2011 03:56 - Canada

Today, I found out my roommate thinks the sink is an appropriate place to wash his junk. FML
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hotcaligirl 10

Could be worse.. At least he's washing it.. :p

It is.



hotcaligirl 10

Could be worse.. At least he's washing it.. :p

Remember kids, ALWAYS wash your peepee where everyone can see it!!! -Pedobear

Darn Pedobear comment got moderated :'( Oh well. Mod=God

I wanna know how this happened. Maybe they had some jungle juice in the sink and when it was the roommate's turn, he whipped out the red-headed stepchild and made it turn on the sprinkler system at the neighborhood pool.

I'm in awe at the above comment.

As long as it's clean, it don't matter where it's been.

*Walks in, "hey Tom!". "hey!". "you making hotdogs?" "no what makes you say that" "oh nothing it's just I thought you were washing the uh.... OMG! WTF ARE YOU DOING!!

scarydragonlady 2

26 that was the oddest statement I've ever read

Broken down version of my explanation: 1. Jungle juice is normally made in the bathtub at a party using just about every liquor you can get your hands on. 2. Roommate doesn't get a liquor bottle, just pulls out his **** and relieves himself. If he doesn't see a problem with washing it in the sink, he probably doesn't worry too much about whether he's pissing in the sink. Does it make more sense now?

Apparently I'm doing something wrong here.


Ok, I'll go back to my hole now.

Pixxio_O 11

That Is permission for you to wash yours in the sink too OP :)

Gotta get rid of the crabs somehow... *shudder. At least it was YOUR sink... mine's till safe :)

mduffy08 8

Make sure he doesn't scrub with your tooth brush...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Am I the only one who doesn't wash hotdogs?

It is.

icefshng8 9

That's where I wash mine.

U guys are dumb...balls are self cleansing.

captianKool 4

Use the fancy machines at the golf course.

Nah.. The ball cleaners at te bowling alley are much better... Makes it nice and shiny :D

robc32ca 4

Re:self cleaning... Only for dogs... Or guys that do yoga...

gunmania0 12

I use my girlfriends mouth.

96 what a haggard filling. Is that your work while your gf cleans your balls with her mouth?

Wait, wait, wait, you gotta wash 'em?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

30 I can't believe people are so goddamn stupid. Just think about it, that's what all the sweat is for. And what's sweatier than a pair of balls, other than multiple pairs of balls? See, the salt in the sweat inhibits microbial growth, so technically it's as good as soap. Nature's got this one all figured out. Don't go messing that shit up.

daydreamer244 13

well where else is he gonna do it!!?

DCFan 9

Anywhere else...

Not the Shower, duh. Silly 36 :)

4, in you.

Tryna bang?

In the toilet

LoveCali 0

Lmfao You Gotta Dumb Roommate;;Just Sayin:)

I Like People Who Type Like This :) Just kidding.

LoveCali 0

WTFs Wrong With My Typing...?Loser...

He never said that there was something wrong with your typing. He simply said he likes people who type like. Then topped it off with the jk.

LoveCali 0

Well thank you for clearing it up ItsTheKing.Haha:) Also I like your picture.

I'm no loser. I was just joking. There is no fun and games without a little joking? Right!

LoveCali 0

Haha Completely right pony guy.haha I understand:)

Then all is well. Hopefully..I'm just here to make laughs and make friends.

LoveCali 0

Same here?

get a room already

Capt_Awesome137 0

Potential fight avoided xD

TheRealHouse 7

What the hell just happened here?!! That was like watching a bar fight start but instead they end up drinking one beer with two straws

Next thing we know they'll be washing their junk together in the sink.

It was the koala man. Looking at it makes you say weird things.

eog314 0

That was entertaining.

LaydiexSkull 3

Well, I for one want to kick LoveCali on the face with that Nike shoe in their picture for typing like a 12 year old chunti girl.

monkeybanana 7

That's gross... D:

I found it funny. A little gross, but still funny.

WTF?? I do it all the time.. what's wrong with yall

phapmai 6

That's gross, srry op

enonymous 8

I tend to clean my salad before it's tossed. Can't blame the guy

I tend to wash it as it's tossed.

enonymous 8

Got half a pack a mentos in my diaper just thinking about that

And I thought I was the only one. -sheds one manly tear-

richboii 0

news to me

darkwing119 5

Nasty Brittish guy