Gross night out

By missunlucky - 18/02/2010 00:24 - Czech Republic

Today, I was at a club with my friends and my friend got really drunk. Later on he came up to me and said he really needed to pee, but he was too drunk to work the zipper, and asked if I could help. When I finally unzipped him, he was so desperate to go he pissed on my face. FML
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You sure it was piss? Maybe you were working the zipper for too long :]

Apparently you also pulled his underwear down with your teeth.


FireNinja 3

it all depends. peeing is a type of fetish. we don't know if op was into it or not. after all, I'm sure it was a accedent. so.... how was your first golden shower?


If she were into it, i dont think it would be on FML

agree with 13 OP I only hope for your sake that YOUR MOUTH WAS CLOSED XD

that six let's all hope he were underwear

SnickerDoodleSux 0

im guessin' da way u unzipped his pants was out of forcé of habit, couldnt u have done it from da side??? FSD!

YDI for not seeing that one coming. But still, FYL

why did she have her face down in his zipper? couldn't she just reach down and help him? lol ******* lushes

can anyone say R. Kelly'S new girl friend?

Couldn't you have unzipped his pants standing up?...


did your friend's name happen to be R. Kelly?

Fatalally 4

Ummmm... why was the OP's face that close to the zipper? Seems suspicious to me 0.o...

I agree with 151... what's also suspicious is that SHE is in the bathroom with HIM unless the pisser is a girl with a snake in her pants...

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you should have punch his balls

I think that this person is trying to say "punched".

Aren't there people from other countrys that post on here

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ok so i mispelled it so what? get a life

Well, seeing as misspelling is herecy and punishable by death in all true nations worshiping the one true lord, GiganTron the Debilitator, then you, sir, are at fault. That is what. Infidel.

I'll pre-empt pissed off comments right now: See that? ^ Up there? ^ That's something that we call a "joke", back in the old country. DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Sorry, smart people, but that was necessary to deter idjits.

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those who are crying about 105 misspelling a word read his pic you'll understand it after that

Apparently you also pulled his underwear down with your teeth.

thank you for being the first to comment on this topic. Your face doesn't need to be at crotch level to unzip a zipper. OP must have been expecting a different ending.

thank god I'm not the only one that thinks that

Or the OP was sitting down when approached. Just saying.

Why would your face be that close to his crotch..? I mean, I know they can aim and stuff but the chances of him missing your face if you were standing up would be higher..?

dudeitsdanny 9

I agree. If you were standing, and he pissed on your face, then he was lying about it being because he was desperate. Who aims up when they have to go so bad they just let it out?

Of course, there is NO way she could've been sitting on a chair :/

kevick93 0

why would you sit down to work someone's zipper?

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me 2 I agree why would you sit down and unzip it you can just stand up an do it

well you didnt exactly have to get THAT low to unzip his pants, you could have reached the zipper while standing.

so u were on ur knees unzipping a guys pants? that's got ******* written all over it. that wouldn't fly in America

Wouldn't it just soak through his underwear/pants? Unless you took his dick out for him

guy could have been horny AND commando. OP should have stood to the side.

I'm calling bullshit, I don't believe that really happened!