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By Anonymous - 29/12/2015 14:15

Today, I found out my wife has been taking "Love thy neighbour" very literally with the bloke next door. FML
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What would Jesus do? Beat that little ******'s ass.

Yeah love thy neighbor With a hug Around his neck Make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside


What would Jesus do? Beat that little ******'s ass.

I've never understood why so many people get angrier the the person their partner cheated with than their partner themselves. After all, she's the one who betrayed your trust. The guy next door, not so much. But that's just me, I suppose.

******, in the most literal sense of the word..

They get angrier at them because they feel like they can't get mad at their partner for doing something. It's easier to take it out on someone you don't know than someone you love. The wife should be ashamed, but the husband has every right to be furious at the guy next door also. He can't pull the "I didn't know you were married." card because how do you not know if your neighbor is married?

Mathalamus 24

Cant get mad at their partner for doing it? wow, such *******. no wonder so many people are cheating, because they essentially get away with it.

mr_anonimous 9

why? the guy didn't rape her. she walked her happy little legs apart and screwed him. true he knew she was married and probably deserves to punched I guess, but it's far more her bad then his in thus case.

Yeah love thy neighbor With a hug Around his neck Make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside

In revenge for the neighbor making his wife feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Don't forget to give the wife one of them hugs too!

Give them both new shoes, made of concrete, and a swimming lesson.

Or, invite them both down to one of the worst murdering cartel infested towns in Mexico, and take care of business. Once a bullets in each of their brains you can leave it to be thought as a cartel killing and go home. "Daddy where's mommy?" She's taking a nap in the dirt with our neighbor."

Ok well I think that last one went a tad too far

Not sure that's quite what the Bible meant by that. I hope you end up alright OP, that sucks a whole lot

Ah, so thaaat's what it really means! Sorry to hear that, OP.

Sxylilhalfpint 20

Time to arrange a meeting for both of em with Jesus. lol. jk. jk. that sucks OP sorry.

NomeDMF 17

That's a rather ****** up thing to say.

Well the neighbour's wife might not know this is happening (assuming he has a wife) and might be devastated, but wouldn't necessarily be attracted to OP.

there are many definitions of love but I suppose whatever makes your FML sound better....