By feelthesting - Mexico - Aguascalientes
Today, I found out that my "mosquito bite" was in fact a jellyfish sting I got in Mexico, which has caused me to break out into horrendous hives in the airport waiting for the flight home. It's okay though, the plane is only delayed for 7 hours. FML
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  I_Dunno_Why  |  8

It depends on the jellyfish also she could be allergic to mosquito bites so she thought the red spots around where she got bit/stung were from the mosquito bite

  Sunflower1919  |  19

If OP is already in the airport I doubt they can leave to go to a store nearby. Also, at least when I've travelled outside the UK, I always seem to be able to buy pain relief/antihistamines etc. on the way out in case of last minute essentials that I've forgotten but on the way home I can never find them in the duty free area.

  usnwife  |  18

With a 7 hour delay there should be no reason she couldnt leave. Assuming she still has her ID and ticket with her (can't imagine why she wouldnt) she can simply leave, get what she needs, and go back through security and back to her plane when she is done. Just have to be careful that what you buy is small enough to take through security.

  tdawg91  |  17

Every airport I've been in usually has a kind of convenience store inside with things like tooth paste, neck pillow, magazine, paracetamol and antihistamines. I always have a sheet of zyrtec in my wallet just for occasions like this, I'm allergic to the stupidest things like ants and yellow gold

By  amileah13  |  26

Oh goodness! Maybe visit a clinic that can help you with the hives to relieve the pain until you can visit your regular doctor (that is if you have one) or a walk-in clinic. Good luck op with the hives and the wait!