By soldiergirl - 25/10/2011 00:13 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me because he "can't date someone who supports the war". We started dating because he thought I looked cute in my uniform. FML
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Did he think you were just wearing an Army Halloween costume every day? I'm not sure how he didn't realize this for two years.

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You like pancakes and I don't! I just don't support those pancakes.. It's over, even though we met at ihop.. I just can't be with a pancake eater..


What about sideways? I'm all for equal directions.

Opinions change after 2 years, prob didn't know how to end it properly either.

People actually break up with other people because of things like this...? Are you sure he wasnt just using this as an escape goat...?

Escape goat? Lol. If it came out of the blue, I'd question his interest in the first place. If it's something that's become a serious issue, then some things just aren't reconcilable and your paths differ now.

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Maybe he embraced his inner hippie.

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He sounds like a jerk.... But thank you for your service and I hope you find someone who appreciates you for who you are and what you stand for!

Have any of you nice people of the internet seen my goat? It seems to be missing.

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lulututu 4

Its not like he started datimg you because he agreed with you or your beliefs.

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It's not even lust. That's just...retarded. "I think I'll date you because you look attractive in this specific article of clothing"? WHY WOULD YOU DATE ANYONE THAT USES THAT LOGIC

^^^^ Precisely. You, my friend, win +10 interwebz.

Unfortunately, Epsilonyx, because of the poor grammar in your "About Me," you have lost 10 interwebz. Have a nice day!

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Sorry, I guess my grammar spontaneously became shit. You know. Not as a joke. /sarcasm

Potterhead 10 interwebz from griffindor for you being an ass

He's an idiot. You're better off without.

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Right, thank you for your service

Lol it's his loss. How could you stick with such an idiot? You should be happy

Did he think you were just wearing an Army Halloween costume every day? I'm not sure how he didn't realize this for two years.

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Are you proud of yourself for commenting that?

57- are you proud of yourself for commenting THAT? thought not...

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he's intimidated by you, that's all (;

He's scared you might kick his ass or kill him lol!!!

Sounds like he got brainwashed by propaganda. Sorry, OP.