By loser - 03/01/2010 12:00 - United States

Today, I handed my friend a $50. I paid her to take care of my farm on Farmville, feed my fish on Fishville, and flip my burgers on Cafe World, while I went on vacation for a week. FML
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abudali911 3

Ydi for laying all those games


abudali911 3

Ydi for laying all those games

justdancebbyx3 7

You're a dumb ******* bitch. What a waste of money. I'm surprised you even have friends.

WOW_idc123 0

shes just a dumb bitch not a ******* dumb bitch i hope you get it lol

nam3 0

man whats with all the farmville fml's i call fake

youandme4ever_fml 0

Smart... what a waste of money.

antoinemartinez 0

hey those games are very adictive!!!

purple_gurl 1

Lies, you dont flip teh burgerz on cafeworld! There done in 5 mins anyway. LIES AND SLANDER

tornado4327 0

even funnier that you make fun of this person for playing the games, but seem to know their details pretty well

ohmygod that's so freaking funny it's like you live with pixels

YDI for playing those games, and wasting that money. Get a life. NOT MEANING TO BE HARSH :)

You must be kidding me right. Let that shit die. You didn't pay for it to begin with.

imperfectclarity 0

Well, on the bright side, at least you realize that that's pretty lame.

pancakes_n_syrup 0

Agreed. The playing of the games isn't bad, it's the fact that you would pay someone to take care of the games when the OP could have easily built back up whatever they had in less than a week when they got back

renaet 0

My mom does it for me for FREEE!!!!!!!!

Fminetoo 0

I believe the saying goes. " A fool and their money are soon parted" Perfect example.

are you complaining that you paid 50 dollars or the fact that you don't have a life??

YDI && fix your spelling. it's 'paid' not 'payed'

palmtrees 1

Perhaps the OP never learned to spell properly because she spends too much time on Facebook?