By cumhole - 10/10/2012 02:32 - Canada - Toronto

Today, after great sex with my boyfriend, I lay in my bed while he went to get a drink from downstairs. Hearing someone come up, I shouted out as a joke, "Damn babe, I'm covered in cum, was there a hole you didn't fill?" It wasn't my boyfriend, it was my dad. FML
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Apparently your mouth

Lol not quite Daddy's little angel anymore.


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Whoa! Do you think?!

I feel so sorry for your Dad. Poor bastard!!

I want to know if your boyfriend was wearing clothes when he walked downstairs?

You don't say?

Embarrassing? That is revolting! What a harlot!

1: More like "em-full-ass-ing". Apparently I suck this morning... but still not as much as the OP.

Moderate whatever you want, OP is still disgusting.

That joke was bad, and you should feel bad...

Why would you have sex with your dad in the house....

Clearly she did not know that anyone else was home or she would have considered the possibility of it being someone other than her boyfriend returning.

There was a hole I didn't fill! Your mouth.

Lol not quite Daddy's little angel anymore.

Yeah far from a little angle. Haha.

Acute angle.

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Wow! I wonder what daddy's response to that was!

What what in the butt?

Mine would have been my foot in his butt, that's what!

Today, my daughter became a little whore. FML.

With a name like cumhole, and her saying "is there a whole you didnt fill" (implying unprotected sex) while still living with her dad, I think its more like daddy's little slut.

Reminds me of the t-shirt that says 'your little princess, is my little whore'...

Her dad is actually pretty cool. He smiled and gave me the thumbs up.

did he really omg

Dad replies "YOLO"

2- Ill cover you in cum baby!

103 - you're a creepy ass dude

Stop assuming that you know who the person is without seeing them and just shut up. Also, Op said a slutty comment.

Guess he didnt fill ur mouth as a joke OP xD

Are you Hispanic???

Your cute lol :)

Yeah ain't that the truth

You live in Arizona.? So do I

Hey emily a mi tambien me Gusta hablar, I'd like to talk too you

Yeah, now she's a Charlie's angel...

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Is it so hard to type out awkward?

Is it so hard to pass by something so trivial without criticizing it ?

Thank you 18 finally someone says something

Right back at you 18 ;)

Shall we end this before it turns into an infinite loop of hypocrisy?

Awkward was only one letter more... Oh the humanity!

Damn, I forgot the President got rid of slang.

Apparently your mouth

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Yes!!!!!!! Best comment ever!

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Actually 55, I'm fairly certain "they" created thumbs to aid humans in grabbing and holding objects. Using them to show appreciation came much later.

lol at 55 hypocrisy

Lol 68, i was talking about FML thumbs... You silly troll. :P and i know when i finished my comment i felt the irony and hypocrisy it gave off :x

125 - Shut up

125- "I don't think that word means what you think it means...."

147- well although you may not agree with his comment, he used hypocrisy correctly

68- And eventually satisfaction ;)

I was just thinking that haha

Apparently he missed your mouth. Edit^ 4 beat me to it while I was thinking of something clever. Sorry guys!!

Fake ass fml

Fake ass fml

Boyfriend "Sir I didn't cum in her I swear she said covered in cum!" Dad " she said filled holes! Only one way to avoid early grand kids" boyfriend cries as dad pulls out pruning shears.

Dafuq?!? O.o

Have you considered therapy?

Over-active imagination must be from the lack of sex.

#7 seems to be writing a play, but apparently forgot to find a proofreader.

Or maybe he has been in this situation before.

What the hell?

Similar situation. Her Dad came home early came into the room with pruning shears. Haven't really lived till you've jumped out a second story window into a snow bank butt nekkid jeans and shoes in hand.

You failed horribly with that.

I thought that was kinda clever...

What are my eyes reading.


I think you meant "I lay in my bed". LIE - LAY - LAIN means to recline, as you were apparently doing, whereas LAY - LAID - LAID means to put something down, for example to lay your book on the table.

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I'm concerned that you're 11 and commenting on this. But hey, that's just me.

That's a sticky situation!

Yes, yes it is :D

Your comment is bad and you should feel bad!

Your comment is bad and you should feel bad!

My face right now :o :O hahaha great fml