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I completely agree, but the point is that OP's mom lied to him about who his father was, and his biological father's whereabouts. Parents seem to think hiding stuff from their kids will protect them (mine do that all the time) but really, it just makes a bad situation worse, because now OP won't ever trust his mom again.

By  dcd237  |  0

people chill out
i would be mad if i have to wait 18 years to find out my father acually killed someone
id be happy that the other guy was a great father to me its still kind of alot to take in when all you wanted to do was celebrate the fact you just turned 18. -_-

By  lola_noone  |  0

i feel for u
my dads been in an out of jail my entire life
i wish i had another guy i could call a father even if he wasnt biologically mine
just keep in mind that u have sumone there for u

By  xsydbabyx  |  0

Oh snap! Sux4u. There's a difference between a biological father and a father though. The father that took care of you for 18 years is your father. The dude in prison just helped make you. No big deal.
- S.