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Today, my daughter got engaged. Her fiancé is not only 25 years older than her, but was her teacher in middle school. FML
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katiemarie23 0

Pshh. Older guys are hot sometimes. My fantasy crush is almost 30 years older than me. Way to go for your daughter and the teacher.


WingsFan80 4

I'll say the same thing to you. op said he WAS her middle school teacher not still is and nowhere does it say she's underage

it's your husbands fault for not being a good father or male role model.

get real 55, your kids are gonna do what they want regardless of what you do or say

I think 53 meant that every girl usually looks to their dad as a model husband. they want someone who is like their dad. it's weird to think about but when my boyfriend and dad met, they got along really well. after they were around each other more, I realized it's because they are a lot alike. if her dad wasn't the best male role model he could be, she wouldn't look for the best guy she could find.

These days people have ****** up minds. what the crap is with you people.

it's kinda cute actually if they're really in love

Oh wow. That will certainly be awkward at family get-togethers.

Ryan747 0

what middle school? I'm from Tn!

mirandaelcraig 13

#2 I agree... She obviously isn't underage since they're getting married but it's still pedo-ish that he'd ever even considered dating someone he taught when he worked at a middle school...

I was actually thinking the exact same thing

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WingsFan80 4

they didnt say she is under age. they he was her middle school teacher

At a glance, I somehow combined your username with your comment and got, "Yo mama's illegal."

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he isn't still her teacher, but was her teacher. he probably ran into her somewhere, they starting dating then later realized that she was one of his students.

#95 But their conversation when they met up again probably included, "Remember when you were in my class as a 12/13 year old?" Ultimately it's still their choice, though. It's legal, so the mom has no say...But I can see why the mom would be distressed over this.

overthelimit 3

its not illegal, but the teacher can get fired for that.

LosAngelesSon 8

why would the teacher get fired? if the daughter is an adult, then it's perfectly legal. you cat fire the teacher for marrying a student he had years ago. thats unlawful termination, the man could sue.

why a pedophile? maybe you are and just like to think like that idiot

Yeah but it still seems kinda wrong no matter what the circumstances are

pedophiles are attracted to kids. OP's daughter is clearly not a child if she is old enough to be engaged.

Brings a whole new meaning to school girl fantasies. Win on his part

Michael_92 20

Cheer up he can't possible live that long (maybe he's rich??)

whoisthisgirl 4

that is way too over the top...

Maybe you should reread the context and tense of the FML.

Ryan747 0

yep and I'm from Tn and going to middle school it would be funny if it was my middle school haha

Yeah we get it, obviously she isn't engaged in middle school, to her teacher no less. I was being sarcastic...I don't think this is a fml though, I find it kinda funny

WingsFan80 4

to all of you that immediately think he is a pedo, nowhere does it say she is underage and also says he WAS her middle school teacher not is.

so ur just letting everybody know ur a pedo

WingsFan80 4

um... how do you get that out of my comment?

how many times do you intend on posting this?

It clearly says that he is 25 years older than her....

katiemarie23 0

Pshh. Older guys are hot sometimes. My fantasy crush is almost 30 years older than me. Way to go for your daughter and the teacher.

I agree, most of the crush-worthy gentlemen are about 15-25 years older than me (I'm 21). David Boreanaz, Gerard Butler, Michael Shanks... all nommy guys :P

you just didn't have good fathers as a role model. so ur craving an older males attention. it's not healthy! u need help!

well I'm in love with Orlando bloom and im only 19! nothing wrong with it, as long as they are happy

there's a difference with "loving" a celebrity to actually having a full on relationship with someone so much older and someone who was an authoritive figure in her life.

xlossofmex 0

A relationship with two different maturity levels will not last.

Sonfang 19

59 & 64, I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years now, he's 13.5 years older than myself. Two maturity levels, and the "father" figure NEVER comes up, in fact though he may be more rational at times we are pretty much on the same maturity level. I will say at first my parents were worried, but they've seen how we are, 25 years is a lot of difference but if she's happy and committed to make the relationship work then why squelch their chances? OP support your daughter she's gonna do what she wants.

54 Shut up, who the hell are you to tell these girls that they had bad fathers? Get the stick out of your ass.

Ok firstly no daddy issues. I'm a strong believer that long term attraction isn't as straight cut as picking who you want to be attracted to, it's a combination of physical attraction, shared interests, good conversation, a similar sense of humour... that little bit of magnetism, which in my opinion bridges age, gender, race, the lot. The only limitations are put there by your own issues.

ashylarry 0

that's funny...all of y'all keep playing into our hands. gotta have the trophy girls when we get older, then dump em when they get too old. win for us

xsarsarx13_fml 0

74 so when your boyfriend was 8 he was going out with a 3 year old? no offense but thats insane lol

clockworkrainbow 3

Did you get awesome grades in his class?

u smoked b4 u took that pic huh, ur Eyez r pretty red lol