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Maybe he saw that you were rejected and pretended to think it was junk mail to spare your feelings? You have an amazing dad! My dad doesn't even let me read my own mail. He just throws it into the fireplace unopened and locks me back in my room under the stairs.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I'd much rather know if I was or wasn't accepted to a college, even if it was over the phone, than find out way later that you picked a different college/career path than the one you did because your father threw a letter out.

Even if it *was* junk mail, if it was addressed to you, no one has ANY business throwing it out but you. If the junk mail isn't addressed, it's probably a mass mailer (like pizza flyers or those things you get from real estate agents). If I remember correctly, I think tampering with someone's mail is technically illegal. =/

By  Ryan_Jaxson  |  8

Dafuq?! Is there a way to contact the college to ask for another? Because I know some colleges do send a second letter in case the initial mail was waylaid or something like that... :/
My condolences mate.

  thats_my_job  |  11

Don't worry #10 I had no idea what they were saying either. I understood it after Noor's comment and then the commenter explained themselves and I'm confused again. Though possibly slightly less now.

  freshberries22  |  17

Yea that's exactly my issue with this situation. Ops dad didn't even give the letter a chance. I just don't understand how ops dad didn't know what college op was applying to or at least keep an eye out for any college letter.