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Today, my husband and I finally agreed on something: marriage counseling. FML
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Well that's better than agreeing to divorce. Good luck!

Hopefully agreeing on that now will mean you disagree on a divorce later.


Well that's better than agreeing to divorce. Good luck!

I agree. Too many people give up at the first sign of trouble. That's why the divorce rate is so high.

Actually divorce rated are at an all time low and the 50% statistic only applies to people married before a certain age (if I remember correctly it's 22 but don't quote me on that) and honestly there isn't really anything wrong with divorce.

#1 &#20 I could Not agree More with you both. Sad how the vow people take under the Lord is Not honored anymore.

i honestly think that people shouldn't get divorced just because of who they made the vow under, but because love is not an easy thing and needs work and to be happy you need to be able to compromise and learn to give and take fairly. it is a commitment to another person and that is what matters about it. i just feel this site is too diverse to try and bring religion into the discussion. no offence.

It's definitely a start!

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I'm sure she was talking religious people not committing to their religion. Regardless if this site has people who are religious or not. Not everyone takes their marriage under God so it doesn't apply to everyone.

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Totally at agree with what you have all said. I think that people have a misconception of marriage really is, and it's what they see on tv. When it's nothing like that at all it's a job, and hopefully the longest one that people will have.

Agreeing to counseling is also the first step in avoiding divorce. I actually think this is a pretty good thing. There's never anything wrong or shameful about admitting you need relationship help.

At least they agreed on something! Always the first step to a happier marriage.

That's one step to making things better right?

Agreed. This isn't an FML!

The REAL misconception about marriage is that it is any different from not being married. Marriage in itself is complete bullshit, it means nothing really, it only exists because of tradition. What's the difference if you're married or not a long as the couple together is in love? Nothing, besides all of the things to do with laws. Nothing in your relationship should change because you add a "title" to it.

It's a much bigger commitment. It creates a family, and shouldn't be dropped as easily as other relationships. Love is chemicals in the brain. It can come and go. A relationship isn't always two people madly in love at all times. It's two people who share their ups and downs, and who vowed to get through it together.

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Ditto to what everyone else said lol. I'm glad to see people really want to make their marriage work. Good luck, OP. :) Edit: well, mostly everyone lol

and its so stupid isnt it? its been proven over and over again that the feeling of being in love fades and that we get acostumed to things and start to think they are boring for it. yet so many people still assume they would be "in love" for ever once they find their true soulmate :s

Hopefully agreeing on that now will mean you disagree on a divorce later.

well if they disagree on it that still means one of them wants a divorce

Thinking about stuff like that before I post is too mainstream, so I avoid it.

Aww OP im sure you can both work it out, dont you love each other?

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I'm sure many people would disagree with you 19

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19- I'm hoping that's sarcasm.. really bad sarcasm?

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Hey, at least you both are willing to try, right?

At least you're getting help. That's better than most people.

It's a start and at least you two are making an attempt.

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Agreed. It's not a good thing when someone has given up. It's hard to come back from that. (Speaking from personal experience)

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LoooL I know right!!!/sarcasm "It's okay guys, I got this one!" *pulls out a pistol*

Maybe you'll learn something?

Sounds like things are pretty bad, but all you can do is try your best. Best of luck repairing your marriage!

I was thinking the same thing. If the marriage does not work out then at least they can say they tried everything to fix it.

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There's no harm in fighting for love as opposed to giving it up.