Looks aren't everything, but sometimes…

By notprettyenough - 02/05/2022 10:00

Today, I've been doing some of the duties of an ex-coworker who resigned a month ago. Now they've given her position to someone else, who doesn't even have the experience all because she "looks the part more." Apparently, I need to "get laser eye surgery, get on Jenny Craig, and buy 'curl tamer shampoo'" to get promoted. FML
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when she tanks at the job, maybe they'll appreciate you more.


when she tanks at the job, maybe they'll appreciate you more.

Resign, obviously they don’t understand the value of talent over looks.

the company would only be looking at the next resume on their desk, not actually trying to save her anymore

Calm down, Hermione, they may be right to pass you over if looks are relevant to the job. I'm surprised they were so blunt about explaining their reasoning.

time to talk to HR for discrimination. I have amblyopia and my eye turns inwards. I've missed so many job opportunities due to my eyes not looking straight, and damn it I've hated not sticking up for myself because some other bitch is prettier, but I know damn well I could have done the job, if not better. talk to HR!!!!