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  neonokku  |  0

o_O I'd switch teachers, maybe if you explain to them your situation........

And can't the teacher get fired or something for having an affair with a married man [assuming he's in some kind of relationship] , especially a student's father?

  Flutist  |  3

It takes two to tango. YEah this sucks but her life outside the classroom is not the concern of the school board unless it infringes on her performance in the classroom. Does the teacher know it is one of her students parents? She did not approach Op and explain the situation, so perhaps she is a victim as well. Don't assume that people are always honest to the flings on the side.

Op no matter how sucky this seems you will regret it if you do not take part in the life of your sibling. I think you have a right to be angry with your teacher, your father, and perhaps your school if they don't let you change classes, but the child is innocent in all this.

  FNovus  |  0

It will, technically, infringe on her performance in the school as she'll have to take maternity leave at some point. Not sure if that'd count though.

  NataleeC  |  0

I agree with the flutist. the child is innocent, please don' take out your anger and frustrations on it. THAT IS IF the teacher allows you to visit. lmao