By sherrylynn - 19/04/2013 21:50 - United States - West Haven

Today, I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with my "best friend" while I was away on vacation. She is now writing on her blog about how heartbreaking the whole situation is for her, and how she's "stuck in the middle of all this." FML
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Poor her... dump him and never talk to her again. I'm sure you have lots of other friends who are not bitches who will lock her out too.

I'd say she was very stuck in the middle... Shitty friend (who is an idiot for posting that online) and a shitty boyfriend. Dump them both OP


Poor her... dump him and never talk to her again. I'm sure you have lots of other friends who are not bitches who will lock her out too.

Kick her ass and tell them both to kiss yours : )

Well I meant to kick hers because she was being crazy, and for them to kiss OP's ass because they cheated with each other. Lol. But I suppose kicking his is fine, too ;)

Yea, she got stuck in the middle alright.

I'd say she was very stuck in the middle... Shitty friend (who is an idiot for posting that online) and a shitty boyfriend. Dump them both OP

Honestly I'd see about ddos'ing her blog.. It's probably wordpress, not to hard..

wlddog 14

There has to be a way to take advantage of this. Get him to think you wanna do something dirty, perhaps with both of them, then leave them chained to a street sign in public. Preferably either nude of in gender confusing clothes.

\ 28

Or leave a skunk chained to her front porch.

I don't think enough people here know what you are talking about lilhellian.

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I wonder how many people here know what ddosing is.

So I see #19, 20.. For the computer illiterate. Ddos is distributed denial of service.. Basically setting up a botnet and have them all attack the server.. Takes up all the resources, lets noone else onto the site..

19- I doubt she knows what she's talking about either, despite her post above me. Doesn't matter what blog software it uses, Wordpress or something else, that's irrelevant to a DDoS. It overloads servers, not the miscellaneous software on it.

Right, because when I said "wordpress" I clearly meant software not the site.. Wordpress is small, not big on server or server resources as opposed to google..

Then make a distinction next time you want to feign knowledge like that, though you'll still come off as a wannabe script-kiddie.

Why block people from seeing the site? It is showing her true colors. Things like this need to be handled in private, not used as a way to get attention. I'd let her continue to roll herself under the bus.

#2 yeah caught in the middle. Of f***ing OP's bf

11 In theory that sounds awesome but how the heck would OP get the both of them chained outside nude? I can't think of any excuse for her to use to be able to pull that off. But it would be hilarious!

24 First off lilhellian is a guy. And secondly, why so snippy to him on your second comment. You come off extremely rude and arrogant. Lighten up a bit. It's just FML not some class or presentation at a university or something.

Ive always wondered do cheaters and the person theyre cheating with ever think "oh wait this is wrong". If they do, do they simply brush their conscience off? You need the erase them fron your life OP.

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My best friend cheated on her boyfriend with three different guys at some point. She knew it was wrong, but she did it anyway. Cheaters and the people they cheat with know it's wrong. Sometimes, they just don't care.

They care for short term pleasures over dignity and trust. I'm pretty sure they're more worried over not getting caught versus whether it's right or wrong.

Nothings truly right or wrong. Those are concepts based on opinions, based on morals. Some people just have a pathetic moral compass. That said, it is inconsiderate, hurtful, and completely unnecesary. I honestly don't understand why anybody cheats. Wanna be with someone else, break up with who you're with. Can't really call them your significant other if you find them insignificant.

time to bring this up. I hate how all these girls are like omg that ho slept with my boo better break her neck. hey girl you do realize it takes two to tango right?

I never thought something so sweet and meaningful can be written by someone who's name is Mr. Satan :P I guess never judge a book by its cover

I just really like irony, and although I'm certainly no saint, I do try my best to be as kind as I can.

My first boyfriend cheated on me and didnt seem one bit sorry. He's engaged to the bitch he cheated on me with. Congrats on the sex I guess. They deserve each other.

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Remove yourself from the equation, then there won't be a middle for her to be stuck in. That seriously sucks OP, obviously neither cared as much for you as you did for them.

Pardon my French, but what a ******* bitch. I would feel so betrayed... I'm sorry, OP. :/

The o Lu thing she's stuck in the middle of is your boyfriend! Get her out!

Holy crap! She's stuck in the boyfriend's belly button!?

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Screw your boyfriend for screwing your best friend. She sucks. What a ******* ****.

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Isn't ******* **** redundant? I mean, what else do you use it for?

84 - ****: to have sex; also an expletive or adjective ****: ******; basically synonymous with bitch Nope. Not the same thing.

He isn't worth it and your "best friend" is full of shit... You are better without them

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Wow. Dump your boyfriend and find a new best friend. Also write on her status what a bad friend she is.

Get rid of them both ASAP. You definitely do not deserve to have such a shitty friend and boyfriend

Wouldn't it be ironic if we found her FML on here too.

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I would like to see the link to this chicks blog and see what she has to say !

Today, my best friend got angry at me and refuses to talk to me all because I slept with her boyfriend. What's wrong with that? FML. -.-"

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If she did post it, it probably wouldn't get past the mods.