By reyoflight - 19/04/2013 22:04 - Brazil - Rio De Janeiro

Today, I walked in on my 12-year-old daughter lying on her bed, repeatedly opening and closing her legs. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied, "Trying to queef. I saw it online." FML
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I think its time to keep better track of what she is doing online.

sailorzoe 14

Maybe you should try to find her a hobby? Because that one is weird and gross.


tsent8 15

Hitler and the third queef. Great barrier queef.

Chelsea_bella 20

C-c-c-combo breaker! Someone had to do it.

death943 10

89, combo breakers always get disliked.. but you did break your pride.

I remember the time combo breakers were liked. Now its just a thing of the past. The fml community has also changed since then. Ah how i miss those debates

queef carradine, queef richards, queef lockhart, queef van horne, queef... no I'm done

ZacZ 8

Queen LaQueefa! You beat me to it.

SystemofaBlink41 27

98- I see post from like 2008 or 2009 and you can really tell the difference... Now people gotta think twice o what they post or else it'll get buried...

Ha! I thought of another one! Lucky four queef clover

sailorzoe 14

Maybe you should try to find her a hobby? Because that one is weird and gross.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Extremely gross. I don't even know any guys that sit around trying to fart. Other than the occasional "Dude I'm going to light my fart on fire!" If we'd try that I swear someone would end up with a surprise in their pants. Yuck.

It's not like she's gonna take a shit by queefing 36

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I meant when guys try to fart. Damn haha. I thought that was obvious. I didn't say anything about a female queefing, just about males farting. Apologies on the confusing comment, I suppose I'll have better luck next time haha.

skulltorn 8

That's very judgmental of you to say her activities are gross. Some may say getting tattoos on your body is sadist and disgusting. I personally believe we have a right to be free from being berated on the activities we choose to do, as long as its not hurting anyone. Is that girl trying to queef hurting you or infringing on your rights?

Because air isn't gas. Do you know the states of matter?

Yes I do actually. If I need to explain further for you I will be more than happy to do so. a queef is not a dart you can light on fire. It is are not gas as in you understand now?

death943 10

I queef, you queef, he, she, me queef, queef, queefing, (Insert Squidward),queefology: the study of queefing. It's 1st grade Op.

I think its time to keep better track of what she is doing online.

I could only imagine... Search History: queef Edward Cullen Cat juggling Crack addiction Oh God! It only gets worse.

I dunno 24, I'm unconvinced it gets worse than edward cullen...

27- Have you ever seen a cat juggling video? It's absolutely horrifying.

Nope, but I did get a good laugh picturing it. I tend to favor my imagination over videos =)

Link5794 18

Wait, are cats being juggled, or are the cats the ones doing the juggling?

chowE_fml 4

At least she isn't trying to do kegels. What a relief

BellaBelle_fml 23

'Requeef' just sounds wrong. Did you queef and it ninja'd it's way back inside only to be released once again as a requeef to wreak the havoc that it never got the chance to the first time?

kkamp516 10

No, it's sort of like twitter. He saw a queef on his timeline and just HAD to requeef it. His 2 followers would DIE.

wlddog 14

This freaks me out a little bit. My daughter will eventually be going though that stage, and I am unsure how to best respond. She is 3, so hopefully I still have some sanity time.

I'm pretty sure this is not a "stage" all women go through. Correct me if I'm wrong, ladies!

If that's a step to womanhood, I either skipped it or I'm not a woman.

I think 5 just meant the stage where kids go through puberty and start to explore their bodies a bit. Stuff like that.

16, I think #5 meant the stage that they try things they see online or by their peers. Such as the condom challenge.. Most disturbing thing I have seen a teenager do!

may i ask what the condom challenge is?

wlddog 14

Logically, I know my kids are gonna do some really dumb things eventually. But is there any real way to be prepared for those aquward situations? Such as sexual exploring of their bodies. Is there anyway I could perhaps get the wife to walk in on that instead of me? I can deal with my sons, but my daughter...... Thats my baby girl. Lets just say, there is gonna be hell to pay when she tries to date.

82 - it's a stupid challenge that's trending when you snort a condom up your nose and it comes out of your mouth. Queefing on accident is so embarrassing..

Snort a condom? .... Mmm latex and lube.

Um she's 12 maybe you should monitor what she does online..

How did a 12 year old come across this.. And why did she unrestricted access to computer?

I had unrestricted internet when I was 12 and I turned out... RESTRICT HER INTERNET. ASAP

This is why I hope I only have boys. Much easier.

Lol did you not see Bridesmaids? "I cracked a blanket in half." Boys and girls each have their own difficulties it would seem.

#11 at least I know what to expect. If I had a daughter I would just feel bad for whoever she dates.

kkamp516 10

So would I. She'd probably be ugly as ****.

I had to crack those bedsheets open .... I got that from a movie, and I can't remember which one. I just know It's a reference to boys and sheets

Elfkid21 19

yes we are!! i hope to only have sons too!!

Kids these days have seen too much, hopefully she only saw queefing.

BellaBelle_fml 23

That is sadly true. I was so innocent and naive when it came to things like this when I was that age. And that's the way it should be! I'm not saying that children should be completely sheltered and ignorant of such things. They do need to be taught about their own body, the way it works, the anatomy of their genitalia, etc. BUT, it should be taught to them using words that they will understand and only the very basics at first. Then, you slowly progress into more and more detail as they grow up. That way they can learn at their own level and yet maintain the amount of innocence appropriate for their age. And they won't have to look to the internet, or other mediums, to learn about these types of things.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Also, if the OP's daughter is that curious already and willing to attempt queefing, that just sounds silly lol, something that she has only seen on the internet and doesn't really understand, at 12, what will she be trying next? Internet restrictions, blocks, and a very close watch on what she is looking up is definitely in order here! "What if those don't work and she manages to get passed the blocks?" Then there's no more internet for her! And, "What if she goes behind their back and uses the internet elsewhere?" Well, there's really not much that can be done about that sadly. When teens and teeny-boppers are determined to do something, and they usually are, especially when they know it will upset their parents, there's almost no stopping them.

Especially at that age they know it all anyway and the more you push for them not to do something the more likely they will

Bubbelz 25

Short comment passing by. Carry on.

Next thing you know, it'll be either ****, masturbating, or both. But yeah, how did she even come across that in the first place?