By skunked - 18/06/2013 18:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was visiting my childhood home, and I checked out my old treehouse. A family of skunks had made it their home, and I was promptly sprayed upon entering. FML
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It's better than finding an orgy of homeless guys. Just saying ;)

why thumb this down? this guy was trying to give legitimate information. Not every fml comment has to be funny/punny


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The sheer stupidity of that comment is black and white.

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Yet it gives you a right to be rude? Disrespectful people, I swear.

You could call it a terrible pun, but calling it sheer stupidity is totally unnecessary and you people should be ashamed for thumbing his reply up.

come on he doesn't deserve all this stupid puns suck five people saying a pun suck is stupid

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You disappoint as the first comment....

45- The pun was in "black and white", not "sheer". I would have written "shear," instead. Also, as many people have said to me, lighten up; this website is not meant to hurt people, but instead poke fun at dumb things said and done. ~BntyHntr

You gotta love when you read the first comment and already know how it ends

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Sometimes revisiting childhood memories stink??

Allennis44 16 more bad puns...

Well be glad that the house is still in good use.

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It's better than finding an orgy of homeless guys. Just saying ;)

At least Dirty Mike and the boys didn't turn his treehouse into an f-shack.

"It looks like Scarface sneezed on your car!" .. "At the crime scene, lol." "Good tweet, good tweet"

@12 I think Dirty Mike is more into the high class sex, for example in a prius.

Home sweet home. I'm guessing that's the scent you weren't expecting to smell :P

Who's the turtle man, and why would OP call him?

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All your base are belong to us.