By anonymous / Friday 4 September 2015 04:40 / United States - North Hollywood
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By  gracehi  |  31

I wonder if you were dating my ex
husband because he told his various girlfriends that the woman he lived with (me) was his sister. I'll bet he's got more than two girlfriends. There may even be a wife in the mix somewhere thinking he's away taking care of a sick relative or something depending upon how long you two have been living together. Yes, shit gets that crazy sometimes. But know that you're better off without someone that twisted in your life. All they bring is drama and misery.

  Setareh23  |  34

Let me guess 14...you're the type of person that when your SO says something like "I'm going to work," you don't trust them like any sane person. Instead, you follow them secretly in your car to confirm, or hire a PI, or demand they call and "check in" whenever they reach somewhere. Because any person who doesn't do that and gets cheated on, obviously "didn't love 'em enough" to know about his lies and second life.