By Anonymous - 24/02/2013 19:58 - United States - Everett

Today, while I was shaving my nether regions, my trimmer slipped and ate a chunk out of my balls, right beside a vein. I've been bleeding on and off for an hour, and the New Skin I tried isn't able to dry quickly enough. FML
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Umm .. Shouldn't you get some medical help?


Umm .. Shouldn't you get some medical help?

If it was his balls, wouldn't it be a castration?

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Medical help? Pfft. That's so yesterday. Nowadays, when you get hurt, the logical thing to do is to Tweet, Facebook or FML it while you are still bleeding profusely. Makes a good story.

Why go to the doctor when he can provide a morbid laugh for us? (:

"There is no bleeding that enough applied pressure won't stop" - according to my oral surgeon after pulling out all of my wisdom teeth. Press down hard with a cotton ball

How about a gash from your leg to your armpit. Let's get some pressure!

But he's an oral surgeon. I'm pretty sure an emergency trauma specialist might disagree. "Please excuse me while I press on your liver until the internal bleeding stops"

You will end up sitting in the ER for hours, and bleeding will stop before it's your turn to see the doctor.

91 that's every waiting room, up here in vancouver I've been in for up to 7 hours and vancouver is in canada for those of you who don't go to school

95- Apparently you didn't go to school either, because there is a Vancouver, Washington as well...

Wow, that is terrible! The closest ER to me only has a 10 minute wait average. I couldn't imagine waiting that long for help.

The schools here don't teach us much about the states. And there's no sports team there, so we don't pay it much attention.

100, the longest I have waited in ER was around 9 hours. Had a broken shoulder so I didn't mind waiting for those who needed the help quicker than I did, another time was 7 hours when I tore a ligament or something in my ankle... My legs are just plain messed up and sore all the time, but glad I still have them at the very least.

I've nicked myself shaving my testes before, bleeds like a sunovabitch but usually stops after a few hours. No need for medical attention unless it's a serious cut. OP just needs to address it like any shaving cut, put some tissue paper on it to stop the bleeding, and leave it alone and try not to move for a few hours.

#60 so you want him to put the cotton ball on his ball?

You probably shouldn't try to do a self-vasectomy, OP. Leave that to the experts!!

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I honestly wouldn't have the balls to do it.

I vas deferently wouldn't be able to do that to myself.

this is a very teste subject and I'm not going to beat around the bush, there's just no other way to slice it. you're pretty ballsy taking matters into your own hands, try not to bleed to death

Okay, I will definitely let the experts give themselves vasectomys.

That is far too close of a shave. You're lucky it missed the vein.

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Apply pressure and go to the ER. You don't want to keep losing blood!

So would dying from that wound because you were too embarrassed to seek medical attention.


Apply enough pressure and you'll be at the ER for two reasons, OP

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Oh really #5? I thought losing more blood was the ideal thing to do...

Holy shit op, pay attention! Trimming is a very delicate process that requires 110% of your attention.

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Hmm. Guess I'd better get off FML and focus then...

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Well is this your 1st or 2nd circumcision

if you've been bleeding on and off, put on the skin while the bleeding is 'off' .....sheesh you men cry over every tiny scrape

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Fine ill shave parts of your boob off and you can just "put on the skin while the bleeding is 'off' "

22- That comeback made me snort my drink out my nose! xD 8- I don't think cutting a huge chunk of his genitals skin is considered "a tiny scrape"! I think a better advice would be "go to the hospital"!

I may be a woman but even I know that cutting a man's ballsack with a RAZOR is not a 'tiny scrape'. Don't be a twat.

8, imagine scraping off a chunk of your vaginal lips, I'm sure you'd cry too!

By the time there's arguments whether ball kicking or birthing hurts more, cutting balls is probably up there with multiple gunshot wounds. Doesn't matter if lethal - you might wish it were. (Let's see, 5 Vicodin an hour should be enough...)

Men cry over every little scrape? That is the opposite of both true and stereotypical. I have slashed my fist open on multiple sharp objects, slid six feet at 20 mph on pavement, and I even fell down a couple of steps one time. I did not whine or worry at all. My mother may have cried each time she witnessed a potential injury - naturally - but for the majority, men do not whine over cuts and scrapes. Reproduction is a different story. Don't **** with peoples' balls. I will punch you.

Many how can you be so calm? Any harm to my junk and I'm heading to the hospital to get that shit fixed ASAP.

Aaagh. I'm a girl and I winced. If it doesn't stop? Hospital time. You do not want an infection there. Gah.

Oh hell yes he should get to the hospital. I once saw a guy with a gangrenous ball sack caused by scratching after he shaved his balls. They got hugely infected and had to be cut off they were so infected. Get medical help ASAP!