By Leigha - 02/01/2012 02:14 - Trinidad and Tobago

Today, I found out that if you see a tray with some black stuff in it and you can't decide whether it's powdered black pepper or cigarette ashes, it's not a good idea to taste it. FML
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HeyImPayton 0

Did you learn nothing from science class?

where's the common sense...? black pepper in a tray? when in the hell does that happen?


HeyImPayton 0

Did you learn nothing from science class?

UrLyfSuxx 0

OP is an idiot.

UrLyfSuxx 0

OP is an idiot.

HeyImPayton 0


UrLyfSuxx 0

Double post... Good bye world

ShroomsOnAcid 16

No, but according to health class, this would apparently be the same as kissing a smoker.

23- Noooooo! You're the last happy smiley in the world! You have so much to live for. :(

n_epic_fail 14

My strange addictions moment: the girl eating cigarett ashes :/

HeyImPayton 0

My strange addiction freaks me out..

chickenflem 8

You must waft before ever eating an unknown substance

Maybe OP was "too cool" for school, and dropped out.

You actually expected it to be a tray of powdered black pepper?

In the future OP: "Hmmmmm is this white stuff powdered sugar or crack?*sniffs* OHHH YEEEAAHHHHH!!!"

googlefrewdnoob 0

#118. Do, was it sugar or crack

kickassnumerouno 0

Crack. Definitely crack. *runs around room* *2 hours later* cleans entire city block. Crack is a cleaners dream drug.

So...which was it?

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Who cares what it was, why would you even eat black pepper by itself!? Eating either ashes or powdered black pepper is fucking weird!

Either way it was going to taste gross....

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whosays1 7

Why on earth would you taste a mysterious tray of black stuff in the first place?!?!

We learn something new every day don't we?

And sometimes you just learn how stupid you are.

For most people…;)

"Oh hey look! Random black powdery stuff on a tray that isn't mine. Usually food isn't black but I guess I'll have a taste!" ...the fuck is wrong with you

i read this in stewies voice!

Why would you taste it anyway?

Hoping for some hallucinogenic effects.

What kind of moron do you have to be?

The everyday ones i suppose

He/She is right it might turn out to be black pepper....ewww.

So I'm guessing it isn't powdered black pepper.

omfg_creepers 8


Even if it was, it'd still be nasty as he'll.

juliajealousyy 1

Oh ew disgusting!

where's the common sense...? black pepper in a tray? when in the hell does that happen?

Back in the 1800s they used little pinch trays to hold salt and pepper. that way you could get a pinch of pepper or salt for your food.

good to know. I hadn't ever seen nor heard of that before.

haha 69 thumbs up. JUST SAYING. And I agree, no one in modern days puts black pepper in a tray..

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